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Games, Gadgets, and Toys that Make Great Gifts for Kids with ADHD

Your child deserves gifts as unique as she is. These presents — like a board game that teaches self-control, an art book that integrates math, or a light-up visual timer — are specially designed to help kids with ADHD, autism, or other special needs build on their strengths (and have fun doing it!)

The Teeter popper is great product for people with ADHD
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Teeter Popper

Delight the wiggler in your life with the Teeter Popper — and the freedom to rock, wobble, and pop in safety. The curved seat and ergonomic handles are perfect for getting the wiggles out while watching TV, and the suction cups covering the Teeter Popper’s bottom will allow your kid to pop and unpop — getting a fun sensory experience at the same time. A good way to build balance, coordination, and motor skills from the comfort of your rumpus room!

Ages: 3-8 years

$37 – BUY NOW

Multiplication mosaics are a great product for children with ADHD
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Multiplication Mosaics

If your child struggles with memorizing math facts like multiplication tables, you know homework time can feel like torture. But you also know your child sees things in truly creative, unique ways that amaze you. That’s where Multiplication Mosaics comes in — to merge artistic talents and creative thinking with math thinking! Instead of drilling repetitive tables, your child will make beautiful and unique “mosaics” as he solves equations and builds his skills. Solutions are included, and even if he makes a mistake, your child will feel encouraged by the artwork he created.

Ages: 8-11 years

$12.95 — BUY NOW

Bouncy Bands are a great product for children with ADHD
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Bouncy Bands

The Bouncy Band is a strap made from heavy-duty rubber that stretches between desk legs and allows students to discreetly fidget at school — without bothering classmates. Bouncy Bands come in a variety of sizes and with easy-to-install support pipes that keep the bands from sliding to the floor. Kids with ADHD, anxiety, or sensory difficulties will love having a place to rest their feet and get the wiggles out — and studies show they’ll better focus on their work while multitasking.

All ages

$13.95 - $16.95 — BUY NOW

The quiet time kit is a great product for children with ADHD
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Quiet Time Kit

The Quiet Time Kit brings together seven of the most effective relaxation gadgets in one difficult-to-lose collection. Regardless of the day’s challenges — or what calms the brain before lights-out — this kit has the perfect tool. If she feels overstimulated, the Transformer Sensory Sack can wrap her up in a calming cocoon of pressure; if she’s feeling too fidgety to sleep, the Therapy Tangle can give her something to do with her hands while you read her a bedtime story. Any parent who’s heard “Mommy, I can’t sleep!” half a dozen times in a night knows this kid is worth its weight in gold.

Ages: 4+

$130 — BUY NOW

The bug vacuum is a great product for children with ADHD
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Backyard Safari Bug Catcher and Vacuum

You love your child’s insatiable curiosity — most of the time. If she delights in investigating nature — but accidentally smashes or invites inside the creepy-crawlies she finds in the yard — get her the Backyard Safari Bug Catcher. It’ll easily suck up bugs (without hurting them) so your child can look at them, ask questions, and satisfy that charming curiosity — without accidentally starting a centipede colony in your home. Once she’s done looking, she can safely release her bugs outside, learning some important lessons about responsibility and respect for the environment.

Ages: 5+

$39.99 — BUY NOW

The slant board is a great product for children with ADHD
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Multi-Purpose Slant Board

The slant board concept is deceptively simple — and terrifically effective. The board can be adjusted to any angle — meaning your fidgety child can do her homework wherever (or however) feels most comfortable. Standing at the kitchen counter, propped up on her bed, or even (gasp) sitting at a desk. On top of that, it comes with a dry-erase board, a plexi-glass tracing surface, a felt story board, and a space for extra paper — making it flexible for any uncharted assignment or learning style. Plus, the Slant Board folds right up — so she can take her work with her wherever she goes.

Ages: 7+

$124 — BUY NOW

This visual time tracker is a great product for children with ADHD
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Time Tracker Visual Timer

Many children with ADHD are visual learners, which means cell phone alarms and frequent reminders don’t always help them manage their time and transition between tasks. Enter the Time Tracker Visual Timer, which combines 3 brightly colored lights with 6 different sound effects to help children (even those who are too young to tell time) understand how much time they have left in any given task. The cylindrical design means that your child can check the time from anywhere in the room, and the large LCD display makes it easy to read and program.

Ages: 3+

$31.99 - 39.99 — BUY NOW

Greeper laces are a great product for children with ADHD
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Greeper Laces

Children who struggle with fine motor skills may take forever to tie their shoes — and bristle at the idea of asking for help. Move your morning along faster with Greeper Laces, which really truly never come untied! Your child can easily tighten and loosen the laces himself, and Greepers fit most shoes that require laces. Plus, they come in multiple colors — like neon pink, dark purple, or bright red — to help your child’s style shine.

All ages

Prices vary — BUY NOW

The Mozart effect is a great product for children with ADHD
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The Mozart Effect

Research shows that classical music helps children learn and focus their attention, but are some songs or composers better than others? The Mozart Effect is a collection of 3 CDs — including the popular “Mozart in Motion” and “Relax, Daydream & Draw” — that have been specially designed to stimulate key parts of the brain and maximize concentration in kids of any age. Play this music when your child is doing homework, creating art, or unwinding from a tough day — you’ll inspire a lifelong love of classical music in your child, while promoting focus and learning.

All ages

$11.99-$29.99 — BUY NOW

Teachable touchables are a great product for children with ADHD
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Teachable Touchables

Help your child explore the world of texture with Teachable Touchables, a pack of mini-pillows and patches that each come with a different touchable surface — like scratchy Velcro, or smooth silk. Children with sensory-seeking personalities will love reaching their hands into the Teachable Touchables bag — who knows what exciting texture they’ll come in contact with! — while children who struggle with sensory discrimination or overload may benefit from exploring the different textures in a low-pressure way. Use the included Activity Guide to guide your child through fun games and exercises to help build tactile discrimination and fine motor skills.

Ages: 3-5

$21.99 — BUY NOW

The Teen's Guide to ADHD is a great product for teens with ADHD
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ADHD: A Teenager’s Guide

Teens don’t trust anyone over 30 — and that includes you, Mom and Dad. If your teen communicates mostly in shrugs and grunts, consider giving him a copy of ADHD: A Teenager’s Guide, which is written in an easy-to-follow question and answer format and could become your teen’s go-to tool for everything ADHD. It’s an unbiased, unemotional way to address common concerns like keeping up in school, recognizing depression, and feeling left out that your independent teen might actually read.

Ages: 12+

Prices vary — BUY NOW

The self control board game is a great product for children with ADHD
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The Self-Control Board Game

Designed by a clinical psychologist, the Self-Control Board Game teaches children ages 8 and up how to manage impulses, overcome inattentiveness, and channel hyperactivity. The game is based on techniques commonly used in cognitive behavioral therapy; in fact, it’s most commonly used by play therapists who work with kids with impulse-control problems. Now, parents looking for a low-cost alternative or supplement to CBT can try it out in their own home. You can even customize the game for your child’s unique challenges, using the Children’s Behavior Control Inventory and focusing on any of the 24 specific traits the game addresses.

Ages: 8 and up

$54.95 — BUY NOW

Grippable cutlery is a great product for children with ADHD
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Grippable Cutlery

Kids with dysgraphia and other fine motor problems may struggle to hold normal silverware, which can lead to frustration at mealtime. Take the stress out of eating with Grippable Cutlery utensils with notched handles made of soft, brightly colored plastic that are easy to hold and fun to eat with. The fork, knife, and spoon not only look cool; they’re also dishwasher safe and durable.

All ages

$9.99 — BUY NOW

The Play cube is a great product for children with ADHD
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Play Cube

Your child’s favorite thing about visiting the doctor is the waiting room — and its giant play cube, with its five sides of mazes and magnets. Cubes like this could translate into hours of imaginative play, all while helping your child build dexterity, fine motor skills, visual processing skills, and more — if you had one at home. Well, now you can — and keep your young child engrossed for hours while he learns critical skills like counting, color recognition, or how to take turns.

Ages: 2-7 years

$549.95 — BUY NOW

Zingo is a great product for children with ADHD
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Board games build a wide variety of skills and keep the whole family entertained — most of the time. Some games, though, move too slowly for racing brains. Keep your distractible kid entertained with Zingo, a unique version of Bingo that dispenses tiles for a fast-paced game that any kid — but particularly those with ADHD — will love. And while they’re matching and laughing, they’ll be learning, too — Zingo builds language skills in budding readers.

Ages: 4-10 years

$19.99 — BUY NOW

Really Big Words magnetic poetry is a great product for children with ADHD
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Really Big Words

This magnetic poetry kit comes with more than 80 supersized pieces, perfect for even the littlest hands. Young kids (particularly those with dyslexia who struggle with phonics and sight word recognition) will love using the jumbo words to practice alphabetizing, make simple sentences, or learn new words, while older kids can flex their creativity by crafting a full-blown story or a funny limerick on the refrigerator.

Ages: 1-5 years

$24.95 — BUY NOW

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