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15 Gadgets That Make Great Gifts for Adults with ADHD

Get organized. Increase your productivity. Wake up on time. Focus! Here is a short list of ADHD-friendly products we swear by – not at.

Tile is a good tool to help you get organized if you have ADHD.
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Tired of wasting time searching for lost keys? Stick a Tile on them (and your wallet, the remote, your jacket...) and use your smartphone to find your missing item. The unobtrusive design matches anyone’s style, and the simple interface makes it a dream come true for anyone tired of asking, "Has anyone seen my keys?!?"

The jellyfish chair is great for people with ADHD.
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Jellyfish Chair

Kids with ADHD aren’t the only ones who can’t sit still. If you struggle to stay focused in your uncomfortable office chair, try the Jellyfish Chair, which lets you bounce around while you power through your work! It comes in three fun colors that add a splash to any boring office, and will actually help with posture while burning off excess energy.

The clocky alarm helps people with ADHD with time management.
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If your alarm clock makes it too easy to hit Snooze over and over, try Clocky — it’ll actually roll off your nightstand and scoot away while it beeps loudly, forcing you to get out of bed to turn it off (or throw it out the window). Clocky comes in tons of colors to match any bedroom set, and it’s durable enough to tumble off your nightstand every day and keep on ticking!

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This Lepow charger is great if you forget to charge your phone because you have ADHD.
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Lepow POKI External Battery Pack

Forget to charge your phone — again? Put the power back in your hands by picking up the Lepow POKI external battery pack that works with 99% of smartphones and tablets. The thin design means it fits anywhere — your glove compartment, your desk at work, or even your pocket if you’re on the go — and the cool mint green color makes it easy to spot in a cluttered purse or desk drawer.

You can use these Aqua Notes in the shower when you get your best ideas and don't have to worry about getting distracted because of your ADHD.
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Aqua Notes

You think of a new project to pitch at work while you’re in the shower — but by the time you’ve gotten out, the idea is totally gone. Now, never let your ADHD brain lose track of an idea again, with Aqua Notes — a waterproof notepad you can hang in your shower to jot down ideas the second they come to you. Plus, non-ADHD spouses can leave fun reminders for their partner, and the whole family can have fun doodling in the shower!

Writing things down in a planner helps people with ADHD remember dates and appointments.
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Franklin Planner

Smart phones are great, but some of us just need to see our whole schedule laid out on paper. Make better planning and organization happen this year with the cool customizable planner system from Franklin Planner. You can pick the pages, the cover, and how many tabs to add — perfect for keeping track of meetings, soccer games, dentist appointments, and more!

Adults with ADHD that want a more discreet fidget can use this spinner ring.
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Spinner Ring

Adults and children with ADHD often focus better when they can fidget. Most fidget toys are made for children, but for adults with ADHD seeking a more discreet fidget, there are stylish spinner rings. The top layer spins endlessly (without sticking), providing a calming distraction for adults with ADHD in stressful situations.

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This book will help couples that have ADHD.
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The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD

If ADHD is putting a strain on your marriage, this book may help you move past problems and learn to grow as a couple. With personal stories and expert advice, The Couples Guide to Thriving with ADHD is a must-read for every adult with ADHD in a long-term relationship.


This bag will help you keep track of your remotes and cell phones.
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Remote Control Container

If you’re always losing the remote or your cell phones deep within the couch cushions, check out this cute, modern remote control holder from MOMA. It’ll help you keep track of multiple remotes, phones, or anything you can think to put in there — while adding a bright splash of color to your living room.

This colorful hanging extended folder will help those with ADHD with organization.
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Hanging Organizer

Need to remember to mail the electric bill tomorrow? Put it in this expanding organizer that you can hang on the back of your door to easily keep track of what you need to remember. The bright color will catch your attention before you leave each day, and the big folders have room for tons of papers or knick-knacks — whatever you need to remember!


This Lumosity app is a great brain training program for people with ADHD.
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Lumosity Membership

With 9 peer-reviewed studies, more than 40 different brain training games, and over 60 million members worldwide, Lumosity certainly has the numbers to back up its claims of brain-training greatness. The games promise to improve attention, memory, problem solving skills, and more — all in fun, fast-paced chunks that adults with ADHD will love.

A massage can help high strung adults with ADHD relax
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Massage Gift Card

Adults with ADHD need to relax — perhaps a bit more than their neurotypical friends! A gift card for a massage is a great, stress-free way for adults with ADHD to blow off steam and get pampered. Try your favorite local massage place or try a Massage Envy gift card — with over 1,000 locations across North America, chances are there’s one nearby!

People with ADHD tend to forget things like keys so a keyless lock is a great solution.
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Keyless Door Lock and Deadbolt

If you still can’t keep track of your keys, maybe it’s time to ditch them altogether. This keyless lock is opened using a 4-digit code or a small remote, with a heavy-duty deadbolt to keep you feeling secure all year round. If you’re not handy, don’t worry — the lock is easy to install. Plus, if your house is already connected, the lock syncs up with it — making your whole house much more intuitive.

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