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Fun (and Functional) Fidgets for the New School Year

Soothing, effective fidgets for students with ADHD who focus best when they are chewing, squeezing, picking, or — yes — spinning.

The Tangle Jr is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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1. Tangle Jr.

This mini version of the original Tangle fidget — a longstanding classic — is ideal for young children with busy fingers. Tangles are quiet and easily hidden in a hand or under a desk, making it a discreet and unobtrusive fidget for school. Tangles of all sizes come in a variety of bright colors, and are durable enough for your child to take apart and put back together hundreds of times — in a hundred different ways.

$12 - $13.20

Boinks are a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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2. Boinks

Boinks are small nylon tubes with marbles sealed inside — simply push the marble back and forth to fidget away excess energy or stress! The discreet, durable, and machine-washable Boinks also withstand vigorous bending, squeezing, and pushing. In other words, they are just as tough as your child — and nearly as entertaining.


Monkey ring is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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3. Monkey Ring

The Monkey Ring is the perfect fidget for sensory-seeking children who need tactile stimulation. Its spiky rings are great for twisting, squeezing, grabbing, or even rolling across the skin to provide a soothing sensation to an overwhelmed child. Monkey Rings are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and free of harmful BPAs. Plus, they look fierce.


The bouncy bands is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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4. Bouncy Bands

If your child is scolded for kicking desk legs or loudly tapping his feet, invest in a Bouncy Band — the ideal tool to keep busy feet out of trouble. Bouncy Bands easily install on the legs of your child’s desk or chair, providing an active footrest that won’t disturb others. The Bouncy Band web site reports that nearly 80 percent of parents and teachers surveyed said that students using Bouncy Bands stayed on task longer — and nearly 90 percent of children reported that Bouncy Bands helped them focus in class!


Wikki Stix is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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5. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are a unique combination of wax and yarn that your child can bend or squish to fidget, or sculpt together to create one-of-a-kind works of art. They are durable and modifiable — your child won’t be able to pull them apart, but you can cut them to different sizes if necessary. For kids who struggle with fine motor skills or who require sensory stimulation, Wikki Stix are a hands-on fidget that inspires focus and finger-strengthening fun.


Silly Putty is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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6. Silly Putty

Silly Putty is more than a throw-back toy; it’s a cheap, durable sensory fidget. Its unique silicone polymers allow it to be stretched and squished into infinite shapes, providing quiet handheld stimulation for kids who prefer a more versatile fidgeting experience. Different brands — like Power Putty or TheraPutty — come in varying resistance levels to accommodate your child’s hand strength and to help her build fine motor skills.


Dog Tag Chewies are a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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7. Dog Tag Chewies

If your child is always chewing her fingernails (or her pencil, or her hair), help her achieve a safer, more sanitary oral stimulation with these chewable dog tags. They are a discreet (and fashionable) accessory that provides appropriate tactile stimulation and a healthy dose of flair. Made of silicone, with stainless steel chains, these “chewies” are free of BPA, phthalates, latex and heavy metals, and can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


The palm weight is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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8. Palm Weight

Children with shaky or restless hands often benefit from light pressure, proprioceptive input, and calming sensory feedback. Fun and Function’s Calming Palm Weight does this by attaching to either the palm or the back of the hand, utilizing relaxing pressure to soothe excess fidgeting and gently strengthen hand and finger muscles. Plus, children who struggle to maintain proper writing position will benefit from the Palm Weight, which gently trains the hand to hold a pencil properly — without shaking.

$25.85 — BUY NOW

Chew Stixx is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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9. Chew Stixx

Children who chew pencils (and gnaw off erasers) often don’t notice they’re doing it, but it can be an unpleasant — not to mention dangerous — habit. Help your child chew his pencil safely with Chew Stixx — oral fidgets that fit at the end of most standard pencils. Chew Stixx come in different colors, shapes, and even flavors to satisfy any child’s chewing needs — plus, they’re dishwasher safe, and even FDA-approved!


Fidget spinners are a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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10. Fidget Spinner

You can’t spit without hitting a fidget spinner these days. And perhaps they’re the latest fad for good reason; many children with ADHD have reported that fidget spinners help them relieve stress and anxiety, particularly during “boring” situations like car rides or doctors visits. Fidget spinners are controversial in schools, so we recommend keeping this fidget at home — but used properly, it can help your child manage stress or impulsive behavior during frustrating situations.


Fiddle inks are a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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11. FiddleLinks

Developed by hand therapists, FiddleLinks use interlocking, rotating pieces to strengthen fingers and provide light stimulation — without drawing your child’s eyes away from her teacher. Recommended for older children, the colorful FiddleLinks may help your tween or teen discreetly fidget in class or during a long car ride.

$11.99 — BUY NOW

The grip master hand exerciser is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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12. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The Gripmaster is popular among older kids who crave more resistance or want to build up their finger muscles for sports, playing an instrument, or other hobbies. The Gripmaster is a fitness tool — designed to significantly strengthen the hand and wrist — that is easily customizable to your child’s needs. Ranging in tension from XX-Light to Heavy, this spring-loaded fidget is quiet, easy-to-use, and effective at strengthening fidgety hands and improving finger dexterity.


Ziggy pasta is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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13. Ziggy Pasta

Ziggy Pasta is oodles of sensory fun! This unique fidget toy comprises hundreds of colorful “noodles” that slide through your child’s fingers as he squeezes, providing a soothing sensation for a child who is highly sensitive to different textures. Ziggy Pasta makes no noise, making it a teacher favorite and a calming choice for sensory-seekers and fidgeters alike.


The Denim Pocket lap pad is a great product for fidgety children with ADHD
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14. Denim Pocket Lap Pad

Weighted blankets help to calm children with ADHD or sensory processing disorder — but they’re not ideal for use during the school day. Instead, try this discreet weighted lap pad, which will provide calming pressure and physically remind your child to stay in her chair when she’s starting to feel restless. Plus, this lap pad’s pockets hide additional fidgets that your child can use underneath her desk, helping her focus and self-regulate during long lectures or quiet reading time. It’s a little more expensive than a traditional fidget, but its durability and versatility make the lap pad well worth the price.


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