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15 Mobile Apps That Could Save Your Butt

You have ADHD. And bills to pay, errands to run, and a tendency to lose track of time. These mobile apps can help you control those symptoms — and many more that keep you from getting things done.

This image shows the ADHD app Due, which is great for time management
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You know what needs to get done each day; it’s remembering to do it that’s the problem. Forget less with Due, the app that stores your tasks, and lets you see how many are waiting for you with a glance at your notifications. Use 12 quick access tools to set reminders and reusable timers for tasks you complete daily – like putting coffee on in the morning, or taking the dog out each afternoon. If you’re ignoring a task, persistent reminders will stay in sight until you complete the task, reschedule it, or make the effort to silence it. Access your due dates from your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

This image shows the ADHD app Binaural beats
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Binaural beats are two different sounds transmitted into each ear by headphones. Your brain then combines them into one noise. Binaural beat therapy has been used to promote relaxation and sleep. The Binaural app has different preset sounds to bring on tiredness, meditation, concentration, learning, pain relief, and creativity. One reviewer said, "Tried quite a few apps like this but none can compare. This app helped me kiss sleepless nights goodbye!"

This image shows the ADHD app Remember the Milk, which is great for organization
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Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk syncs across mobile, web, and apps to give you access to your task inventory anywhere, anytime, so you don’t forget your grocery list – or anything else – again. Add a list of to-dos, estimate how long each will take, and see which are highest priority, added today, or overdue. The newest version allows you to vocally create your daily plan using Siri.

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This image shows the ADHD app Brain Wars, which is great improving memory and focus
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Brain Wars

Brain Wars (iOS, Android; free) is a brain-training app designed to improve your focus and memory, and help you organize your thoughts. The app features simple math and memory puzzles that you can pick up and play whenever you have a free moment. Users are matched against an opponent for three 20-second puzzle rounds, and earn points for speed, memory, judgment, and mental math. Then, players can check their global rankings in real time. Perfect for the loved one with a competitive streak.

This image shows the ADHD app Nag, which is great for time management
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It’s easy to get annoyed with a spouse or parent, who hounds you to finish a task, but when it’s an app doing the reminding — well, that’s just helpful! Certain things just don’t get done without multiple reminders. Nag (iOS; $0.99) is the persistent alarm clock that will keep pestering you until you just do it already. When you enter a task you can add an amount of time until the first reminder using 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minute intervals. Then, after the alarm goes off, you can take care of the task then and there by pressing stop, or let it remind you again in a set amount of time. No more burned dinners, or forgotten appointments in your future!

This image shows the ADHD app Stay on Task, which is great for time management
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Stay on Task

StayOnTask (Android; free) is a simple app that can work wonders for anyone who drifts off during long assignments at work. The app will periodically “check in” with you to make sure you’re doing your work and not messing around. It’s random, so users can’t predict when it will check up on them. If you’re off task when the app checks in, it provides a gentle reminder to re-engage.

This image shows the ADHD app HomeRoutines, which is great for time management
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Routine is the magic bullet that helps adults with ADHD create structure and stay organized. HomeRoutines (iOS; $4.99) digitizes daily chores, breaking your everyday tasks into morning jobs and evening jobs. For the more sporadic tasks like cleaning the kitchen, assign a focus zone, or a reminder that will prompt you to tackle that task on a specific day each week. When you finish each, simply award yourself a gold star so you don’t have to wonder, “Did I dust the living room?” ever again. If you miss a task, it resets for next time so you’re not overwhelmed with two days of work in one. When you have 15 minutes free, “Run a dash” that will let you get something done for a set amount of time, and then move on. Use the accomplishments feature to pat yourself on the back for all of the work you have finished each day.

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Priority Matrix

When you have a long to-do list, and not enough time to accomplish it all, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and bogged down before you even start. The Priority Matrix app (iOS, Android; free) helps you change the way you think about your list by moving tasks into four categories: Critical & Urgent (do now); Critical, but not Urgent (do later); not Critical, but Urgent (delegate); uncategorized (delete or move). It lets you focus on what needs to be done, so you will waste less time finishing tasks that don’t matter. is one of the best time management apps.
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Like a sticker chart for adults, (iOS; free) helps you build habits. The app combines social networking and a daily chart to help you track when and how often you're doing an action. The ability to tap into a supportive community to give or receive "props" (similar to a Facebook "like") increases the chance that you will take action. Available habits range from "Floss Teeth" or "Clear Clutter" to the more difficult "Wake Up on Time." You also get daily tips and pats on the back for completing tasks.

This image shows the ADHD app MedCoach, which is great for time management
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Remembering to take your medication can be half the battle when finding the right treatment plan. MedCoach (iOS, Android; free) lets you move that obstacle out of the way. It alerts you when it’s time to take your meds, and logs the ones you’ve taken, so you never have to worry about a double dose. Is forgetting to call in that refill your issue? Not anymore! This app can connect with your pharmacy to request more pills when you are running low.

This image shows the ADHD app Tile, which is great for people who lose things
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Tired of wasting time searching for lost keys? Stick a Tile Mate or Tile Slim (iOS, Android, free with $25 and $30 sensor respectively) or both, on them (and your wallet, the remote, your jacket...) and use your smartphone to find your missing item. The unobtrusive design matches anyone’s style, and the simple interface makes it a dream come true for anyone tired of asking, "Has anyone seen my keys?!?"

This image shows the ADHD app Todoist, which is great for time management
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“Get more done in less time.” Todoist’s (iOS, Android; free; $29/year for certain features) slogan, and something every adult with ADHD wants. The powerful app allows you to track and organize tasks and subtasks to break big projects into smaller pieces, then share projects or delegate tasks to family members or spouses. Notifications, intuitive dates, reminders and color-coded priority levels keep you on track. Then Karma tracks your productivity to show you what you’ve accomplished over time. Perfect for people with too much to do, and not enough time to do it in.

This image shows the ADHD app Peak, which is great for improving productivity
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The Peak games (iOS, Android; free) tackle scientifically researched cognitive challenges to build brain skills (and healthy habits). Each game focuses on one skill in bite-sized pieces. Peak makes self-improvement fun. Peak Pro customizes your training with a 6-game mind exercise plan that adapts to your performance to improve areas where your loved one struggles, and gives access to analytics that show when she’s at her best. Compare to people in your age group or profession, and watch your scores climb with practice.

This image shows the ADHD app Happify, which is great for improving emotional intelligence
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Designed to build emotional intelligence and the five essential skills your loved one needs to increase the amount of happiness in his life. Playing Happify’s (iOS, Android; free) games that remind you to be grateful, achieve goals, or savor the moment has been shown to increase positive emotions, and leaves many users with lifted spirits after two months. What better gift is there than good moods, and big smiles?

This image shows the ADHD app ReliefLink, which is great for improving productivity
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Give your loved ones the power to manage their mental health in the palm of their hands with ReliefLink (iOS; free) If gives them one place to store emergency contacts, insurance/prescription information, and safety planning, all alongside a log of how they are feeling from day to day and reminders to take medication or go to that doctor’s appointment. On days when they are feeling blue, they can tap into the voice-recorded mindfulness and relaxation exercises, relaxing music, or in a crisis, use the map locater to find mental health treatment facilities and hospitals nearby.

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