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20 Inspired Gifts That Could Change Your Loved One’s Life (or Your Own!)

If you’ve ever lost your ear buds, overslept, or been too distracted to work, check out this list of must-have gift ideas for adults with ADHD. From fun to functional, these products and services sure beat another scented candle or Starbucks gift card.

Lifeproof case is a great ADHD gift
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1. Lifeproof Case

Adults with ADHD are famous for their harrowing, spectacular accidents. While you can’t save them from all of life’s bumps, bruises and embarrassments, you can protect their precious electronics. Lifeproof media cases keep phones and iPads safe from problems like water damage, hard falls (more than one), and attacks of the killer crumbs. Throw in a belt clip, armband, or bike mount for extra protection on the go. (List price: $26.99-$129.99; buy LifeProof)

A Belkin Wemo is the perfect solution for your ADHD problems, like leaving the lights on.
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2. Belkin Wemo

How many times has your distracted loved one left the house, only to double back and make sure the iron was unplugged, the lights were off, or the heat was turned down? Save them frustration and precious time with a Belkin Wemo Smart Plug or Light Switch. This device allows you to control appliances plugged into a designated outlet or switch from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. Brilliant. (List price $49.99; buy Smart Plug or Light Switch)

The Knomad organizer is perfect for fixing your ADHD problems with disorganization
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3. Knomad Air Portable Organizer

Never lose your charger, phone, or iPad in your cluttered purse or backpack again, with this Knomo portable organizer made for road warriors. There is a pocket for everything, and it folds up to fit into any bag. Transfer it from purse to messenger bag to home without losing track of important items – and saving you the frustration of digging through your bag wondering, “Where did I put my headphones?” (List price: $69.95; buy Knomad Air Portable Organizer)

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4. FujiFilm Instax Mini

A digital camera is great, if you can remember to upload the pictures and order prints. Cut one step out of that equation with the FujiFilm Instax Mini. It has a selfie mode, so you can check the picture next to the lens, and automatic exposure control to adjust shutter speed for bright subjects and bright background. Then, in 90-seconds or less, a picture is in your hands. The camera shuts off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery power. (List price: from $62.99; buy FujiFilm Instax Mini)

Bose quiet comfort headphones can solve your ADHD problem of feeling overwhelmed in loud places.
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5. BOSE Quiet Comfort Headphones

Build a cocoon of quiet concentration with the gift of Bose sound-cancelling headphones. Many adults with ADHD become easily overwhelmed in noisy places; they can focus better at work when listening to music or nature sounds. Give them the freedom to tune in—and be more productive by tuning out distracting background noise. (List price: $299.95; buy Bose Sound-Cancelling Headphones)

The Gaiam balance ball chair can solve ADHD problems like fidgeting.
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6. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Science tells us that sitting still for eight hours is not healthy. Give your loved one a little wiggle-room, and the side bonus of strengthening back and core muscles, with the Gaiam Balance chair. It improves posture, and allows for some relief for restless limbs, all while seated at a desk. (List price: $79.98; buy Gaiam Balance Chair)

Bucky balls, a product that can solve the ADHD problem of restless hands
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7. Bucky Balls or Bucky Cubes

Even adults with ADHD need fidget toys. Bucky Balls or Bucky Cubes keep anyone with restless hands attentive during long conference calls, or entertained during a much-needed coffee break. The magnetic building toys can be formed into thousands of different shapes to display or even wear, while giving the creativity muscle a workout in the process. (List price: $12.99-$24.99; buy Bucky Balls or Cubes)

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A person with Molly Maid cleaning services cleaning, a good service if you have ADHD
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8. Cleaning Service Gift Card

Who wouldn’t welcome magic cleaning fairies into their home? A gift card for a local cleaning service is a great way to let your loved one feel pampered, and free up precious hours for fun. Or try a Molly Maid gift card. With nationwide services, there is bound to be one nearby. (

The KnockKnock This Week pad solves the ADHD problem of forgetfulness.
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9. Knock Knock This Week Pad

Is your loved one not particularly tech savvy? The KnockKnock This Week Pad is the perfect fixture for the office desk or kitchen counter of a person who has a lot on his or her plate, and a tough time keeping track of it all. Tasks are broken down by the day they need to be completed, but all on one page, letting sometimes scattered adults track specific to-dos while keeping an eye on the big picture. (List price: $6.99; buy KnockKnock This Week Pad)

The Prana Eco Yoga Mat, which can help solve the ADHD problem of anxiety.
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10. E.C.O. Yoga Mat

Slow concentrated yoga and racing ADHD brains may appear to be a bad fit, but the benefits of yoga – and the mindfulness it brings – are undisputed. Breath control can cut anxiety, and regular yoga poses can improve concentration and attention spans. Gift someone with the first step toward a restorative daily practice: their very own prana mat so they can try mountain pose, warrior, or the child’s stance whenever and wherever they please. (List price: $48; buy Prana E.C.O. Yoga Mat)

The Dremel 3-D printer, a gift that can help adults with ADHD express creativity
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11. Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

People with ADHD are wicked creative – full of out-of-the-box ideas, inventions, and innovations. Give your loved one a way to bring those ideas to life with a 3D printer. It can build prototypes for an existing idea, or design new items that reflect your loved one’s special personality. This $1,000 gift takes self-expression to the next level, and encourages experimentation and problem-solving skills to turn concepts into concrete, touchable objects. (List price: $999; buy Dremel 3-D Printer)

Nesting storage containers, a gift that can solve the ADHD problem of disorganized cabinets
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12. Nesting Storage Containers

Purge your loved one’s kitchen of all those mismatched Tupperware containers with no lids. Then, replace them with these airtight nesting containers that stack into each other when not in use, and have rainbow tops, making it easy to spot one at the bottom of the cabinet. In the fridge, the containers’ clear design lets you see what’s inside so leftovers don’t go to waste. (List price: $42; buy Nesting Containers)

A decision paperweight solves the ADHD problem of indecisiveness
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13. Natico Decision Maker

Sometimes, the smallest decisions are the toughest ones to make. This fun device makes choosing easier by putting the responsibility in someone else’s hands. Just spin your desk assistant to find out, should I do it “Today,” “Tomorrow,” or “Pass the Buck?” (List price: $20; buy Natico Decision Maker)

Spacepak travel set, a gift that can solve the ADHD problem of disorganized suitcases.
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14. Spacepak

It’s easy to spot the suitcase packed by the person with ADHD. It’s the one bulging at the seams. Gift your over-packing friend with a Spacepak compartment to maximize luggage space. The special technology can compress clothes so that two weeks of attire pack down flat and you can bring maximum outfit options. As a bonus, the system is designed not to wrinkle clothes, which means less ironing — and that’s always a good thing.(List price: $42-$125; buy Spacepak)

Awkward Moment at Work Card Game can help a person with ADHD find humor in real-life situations
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15. Awkward Moment at Work Card Game

Your spouse with ADHD has been known to get excited and blurt out inappropriate things when someone else – even his boss – is talking. While saying, “Oh, I’m sorry I interrupted you” can help him or her save face, why not have a little fun when you’re both off the clock, poking fun at all those sometimes-embarrassing work situations? People who can find humor in their mistakes – at work, at home, and in general – often have lower stress levels, and this game has laughs in spades. Each round, someone plays a card describing an awkward situation, and you and your friends try to play the best Reaction card. Then, a judge chooses the winner for “Most Awkward,” “Most Responsible” and more – a prize every round! (List price: $22.95; buy Awkward Moment Card Game)

Tranquil Moments Pro Sleep System can help solve ADHD problems sleeping
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16. Tranquil Moments Pro Sleep System

If your overactive ADHD brain keeps you up at night — every night — this solution may be the ultimate gift. The Tranquil Moments Pro Sleep System has eight doctor-developed programs designed to coach you to sleep. Then, the gradual wake-up light and chimes gently pull you out of slumber so you can wake up every morning refreshed. With several sounds and rhythms that play throughout the night, Tranquil Moments is great for falling asleep fast, even if you wake up in the middle of the night. (List price: $199.99; buy Tranquil Moments Pro Sleep System)

Kinetic Sand, a perfect gift to solve the ADHD problem of busy hands
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17. Kinetic Sand

Adults with sensory issues will love this soothing sand that lets them make whatever they want — and remember the days of playing as a kid, without the tough cleanup! The sand sticks to itself, so go crazy building castles, sculptures, or anything worth dreaming up — even at your desk. Plus, the soft, squishy texture is a great stress reliever. (List price: $12.99; buy Kinetic Sand)

Hypr-3 will solve the problem of forgetting your wallet for people with ADHD
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18. Hypr-3

“Keys-wallet-phone” – a familiar mantra for adults with ADHD before they leave the house each morning. Hypr-3 is a little gadget that will cut that list by 33 percent. The tiny, inexpensive accessory can attach to a set of keys, and securely store credit and debit card information so you can leave your wallet at home. Then, simply pay using Bluetooth connectivity. (

Parrot Flower Power solves the ADHD problem of forgetting to water your plants
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19. Parrot Flower Pot

Give your loved one the gift of not killing any more houseplants. Parrot Flower Pot digitally assesses the plant’s needs, and then sends a notification to a mobile device when it’s in need of sunlight, water, fertilizer, or a different temperature. There’s no more finding withered greenery in a corner, long after it has dried up and died. This gift will ensure even the most forgetful gardener tends his plots. (List price: $149.99; buy Parrot Flower Pot)

The Muse Brain headband helps an ADHD calm down and practice mindfulness
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20. Muse Brain Headband

Meditation is another word for attention training, something most adults with ADHD could use. It’s a practice that teaches you to focus on your emotional state, thoughts, and the sensation of breathing. But, for many people, sitting still and thinking can be a daunting task. Now, the Muse Brain Headband monitors what is going on in your brain, and gives real-time feedback to keep you on track, and encourage you to build a more effective practice. In as little as three minutes a day, your loved one can experience the benefits of mindfulness – relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress – anytime, anywhere they can slip on the headband. (List price: $299; buy Muse Brain Headband)

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