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“Why Can’t My Child Behave? Why Can’t She Cope? Why Can’t He Learn? The Feingold Diet Updated”


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    by Jane Hersey

    Jane Hersey has been helping families of hard-to-raise children since 1976 when she first volunteered to work with the newly-formed support group, the Feingold Association of the United States. Like thousands of other parents around the country, she learned by first helping her own child. She found that her education and experience as a teacher was of little help as she struggled with her daughter’s often bizarre behavior. It was after her husband, Harry, linked his migraine headaches to food additives, that she understood the reason for their child’s symptoms. Jane enjoys sharing information on how seemingly complicated problems often have remarkably simple solutions. Today, the foodless substances that line supermarket aisles are considered by most Americans to be normal, while people who simply eat real food are thought to be on a special diet. But Hersey believes, Humans were not designed to eat petroleum, and when they do, bad things happen.

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    This 2014 edition offers practical solutions that have been gleaned from the experts parents who have found answers to their children’s behavior and learning problems. It is based on the work of an eminent physician, Ben Feingold, MD. He discovered that some of the chemicals in our food have the ability to cause a wide range of problems, and that the symptoms vary depending upon a person’s own body chemistry. For one person the effect might be a change in behavior, such as low frustration tolerance and irritability. Or they could result in hyperactivity and even violent outbursts. Another person will have difficulty paying attention, while someone else may have a physical response such as asthma attacks, migraine headaches, hives or tics. Some of the primary offenders have been found to be certain food additives, many of which are synthesized from petroleum. These include the dyes that are so widely used in foods, beverages, medicines and vitamins especially those designed for children. Artificial flavorings, several preservatives and fake sweeteners round out the list. But even healthy food can be a problem for some people. These include many common fruits, a few vegetables and several other things that have a chemical similarity to aspirin. They are referred to as natural salicylates. So even a family that enjoys a nourishing diet could experience problems from one or more of them. The purpose of the Feingold Program is to help people of all ages determine if certain foods or additives are triggering the problems they are seeing. The test involves using most of the things one would normally eat, but in versions that are free of the questionable chemicals. Experienced volunteers identify thousands of acceptable choices. Why Can’t My Child Behave? is designed to guide the reader through an understanding of how things in our food and environment can affect us and our children, and why the consumer is more likely to find real solutions in the supermarket than in the pharmacy. The 2014 edition includes new topics on laundry products,plug-ins, hand sanitizers,and extreme sensory issues.


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    1. ADDitude reader

      The book, “Why Can’t My Child Behave” has been a life changer for our family. It’s on the Feingold Diet which has been around since the 70’s and was originally designed for ADHD. It’s been a very long year but we were able to figure out the the food and environmental triggers that were impacting my son and he’s made huge improvements. I think he will always have challenges of a more intense nature but it’s much more manageable now. The accommodations we do get at school have more impact and we can see progress. He can trust himself more to meet expectations and his self esteem has soared!

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