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    My son, 13 has ADHD/ODD treated with meds and therapy but vacations are still unpleasant and stressful. Plus scheduling is tough with his activities. However I feel guilty when just my daughter and I go on trips alone, like I’m punishing him for something out of his control. Trips with my daughter are so relaxing and enjoyable in comparison. When we’re all together, he torments her. The two times we tried this, my husband stayed home with my son (hubby doesn’t like to travel). Son does feel upset and left out but seems to get over it fairly quickly. We do go on very short trips all together but the big ones I would prefer in the future to take without him. What would you do?

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    I wouldn’t feel bad. Adolescence/pre-adolescence is tough. Don’t feel guilty.

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      Thank you so much.

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    I would take him on separate trips without your daughter the same as you are taking trips with her alone. You may find trips with just he and you equally as pleasant, you may find out things about him and why he acts the way he does when your’re all on vacay together, it will give you the chance to understand him better and I would bet money he is a different kid when not with his sister. The competition for attention and fighting between my two when we go places can be brutal. I’m not saying he won’t be defiant and there’s no way to know for sure. I could be totally wrong. But I know my two boys act very differently when I take them somewhere together than when I’m doing things with them one on one. It’s possible after a trip or two alone with him he will also see the difference in his behavior and may be able to modify enough for you all to try and do one together down the road. Now that mine are getting older (10&13) I’ve offered to take them on separate trips of their choice on their respective birthdays. Just my two cents. Hang in there!

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      This is very helpful, thank you. Vacationing separately can also help me tailor trips to his needs. I think I just have to mourn the loss of that ideal, blissful family vacation that we have never had and probably will not. There are other things we can do as a family.

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    Dr. Eric

    1. The best parenting advice that I ever got was to make sure you set aside 1:1 time with kids. It is a different dynamic.

    2. Parents whose children with developmental disorders who qualify for Regional Center services get home care funded for parental respite. Just because the disability doesn’t qualify for this, doesn’t mean that respite isn’t necessary or can take other forms.

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