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    Hello, new to the board, diagnosed 8 years ago with ADD. I declined medication at diagnosis because I thought the psychiatrist was crazy lol. I thought ADHD AND ADD was something hyperactive little boys get “unnecessarily” treated for. Never went back to that psychiatrist after diagnosis.

    Spent whole life struggling with symptoms, I was prescribed Strattera. Which totally sucked. Did not help me at all. I had to stop it because it made me severely constipated.

    My whole life I’ve struggled with organization and being on time. I also lose my personal belongings something terribly. So much that I get angry and have anxiety. My car, cell, iPad, ear buds, keys. You name it! Wrecked my car numerous times because I wasn’t paying attention. At times I feel like I can’t “STOP” what I’m doing. VERY HYPERFOCUSED. EVEN if it means im late to obligations. I also get told all the time by my coworker and boyfriend that I don’t “Listen”.

    I took a family members Adderall. Bc I noticed how much it helped them. I had instant clarity. Felt like my head was pulled from a cloud. I was able to sit and talk with family without my mind wandering.

    So my psychiatrist tells me that she doesn’t want to prescribe stimulants unless it is absolutely necessary. Really frustrated! I was honest with her about what I did. Maybe I shouldn’t of been. Why are the docs so hesitant about helping people that need help? I’m a working professional. Not a drug addict looking for a high. So what do you think I’ll get next? Bp meds- Clonidine, Wellbutrin. Strattera sucked and I got another appt coming up soon. Curious to see what I’ll have prescribed next.

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    Change doctors, unfortunately, although well-intended and you were being honest. That behavior is considered a sign of drug seeking behavior, and almost immediately regardless of your honest intentions, makes the psychiatrist skeptical and reluctant. You need to go into a consult, clueless about medications, describe your symptoms and accept w.e. they give you. You can always go back the next month and say it didn’t work etc.. Once you have built an established relationship with your provider, it will be easier. I am a working professional too, so trust that I feel your pain.

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    Thanks Brandon. I think your probably right. I had considered not even telling the psychiatrist what I did. In fact, I had asked my family their opinion on what I should do before going. They convinced me to be honest lol and I’m seeing it got me nowhere. They said, “Tell the doctor what you did because you couldn’t be the first one to do this.” I see that got me nowhere. I’m a RN. So, I’m always researching everything. Anything related to my health. But next time I guess o should play completely stupid. If she does try to give me the medicine I used to give people in the Er For extremely high bp (Clonidine).I guess I will decline and just ask to do therapy. She should just drug test me and do pill counts if she is concerned. I’d have no issue doing this. Thanks for listening.

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