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    I’m literally trying to not have a meltdown right now.
    After having a rotten day at work plus having to work late, plus an intolerable drive home, plus I’m not feeling well, my mother decides that I need to figure out her bills for her and it can’t wait.
    This is the same woman that has a psych degree, but makes me feel like I’m talking B.S. when I need to talk things out and I need some understanding of my problems.
    I finally had to excuse myself when she keep going on about figuring out an interest percentage, If I didn’t leave the room it felt like I was gong to pop.
    I don’t understand, everyone “needs” me to help them or cries on my shoulder, but when I’m in need its T.S. or ” quit being a baby”
    I’m overloaded and overwhelmed and none of the people in my life give a DAMN!
    I just want to run away and hide.

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    I find that people rely on me, even though I may be overwhelmed, or ready to pop, bc I hide my struggle so well. Not sure if you are the same way, but due to our nature we tend to not let others see the struggle that is very real. The best advice I can give is to just slow your mind down and breath…rationalize what you are going through and know you are strong enough to handle it…even though it does suck. Remove yourself from situations like you did if you have to, but take the time to understand that what is happening is not as bad as it seems. Hope this helps somewhat!

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      But I’m sick of ignorant pig headed normals that make us have to hide it, I’ve had people get belligerent when I’ve told them I’m A.D.D.
      I was on the verge of losing my job if I didn’t get medicated (for expletive sake)

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    Also…people with ADHD or add tend to relive situations and look back…let today go…let what happen with your mother go and consider it a compliment she wanted your help even if it didn’t seem like it. Most of all…always be positive.

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