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    I was recently put on to Neucon 32mg (Concerta clone as the pharmasist informed me). It started off fantastic! Im getting stuff done, I have tons more energy, craving junk food less,etc. Even got my washing washed, dried, folded and packed away in 1 day. I have been on Neucon for a week now and I have noticed a drop in my concentration and focus levels in comparison to when I started. In some ways if feels like I never took my medication with regards to focus. My question is that if it is just my concentration/ focus that is lacking but everything else is working, is it a good idea to up the dosage?

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    This is definitely a question for your prescribing doctor. It could be that it’s time to increase the dose a little. Or, it could be that you had obvious differences between medication and no medication at first (a stark contrast), and that has waned, feeling like it’s not working as well when you’ve acclimated to what it feels like. Or, it could be some of both. 😉

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    Never increase or decrease the dosage of your medication without consulting your doctor. It seems like your body is growing immune to the medicine but when it comes to medicine it is better not to self-medicate!

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