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    I upped my dosage of Adderall XR about 2 weeks ago and have started to notice restless leg syndrome in full force. I have had it before, but only when I was pregnant and I am not pregnant currently. It is making me fairly miserable and shows up night and day. Could it be the increased dosage? Seems like Adderall would have the opposite effect, but I don’t know.

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    Unfortunately, some of these types of medications do aggravate Restless Leg and it is maddening! Mirapex helps me. And when it’s not quite cutting it I take some ibuprofen with it. When I started to notice, weirdly, that that every time I drank Arizona iced tea it seemed to aggravate it more, I’ve been trying to track if certain foods or beverages make it worse. So you might want to play around with your diet to see if you feel better when you cut certain things out. But absolutely get the Mirapex and take it every single night.

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    Thank you! So glad to know there are things I can try.

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