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    Hi all, I know there’s many posts about generic adderall but I haven’t been able to find anything on the generic brand Impax. I received it last month, and thankfully I just got brand name back today, but it’s really not something I truly want to pay for. I just started actually researching the difference in generics and so I’m not sure what different ones I have tried. I do know though that Impax made me feel horrible. No motivation for school, work, friends- all I wanted to do was sit and stare at the wall. My anxiety was at an all time high as well as extreme depression. I haven’t felt depression like that in years and it all started right when I began taking the Impax brand.
    I’m just wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences. I took my first brand name pill today and I feel like I notice a difference, but it could be in my head as its only been a few hours.
    Thank you

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    Same here,never had a reason to look into it. Been on Adderall xr 30 mgs for a year, suddenly my pharmacy said insurance made a note they won’t cover name brand anymore so I left with a bottle that said amphetamine salts.. after reading this I realized I’m only on here looking bc I feel like a lot of others do….not as clear and focused, yours is the first post I’ve seen with Impax Generics. Which leads me to believe they are just now starting to hand this out probably because of mass quantity of it overfill somewhere. I noticed the last couple days I’ve just been really irritated and kind of back to my old self a lot of what these posts from other generic brands have said.

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    I was prescribed this. Also as a forward, I was diagnosed in January and took Vyvanse last month. My doctor had a free trial card for it. I noticed a huge positive improvement on Vyvanse. My insurance wouldn’t cover it, and the discount programs Vyvanse offers only took the price to $230, which is out of my price range. So my doctor prescribed Adderall XR, and the pharmacy gave me the generic by Impax Generics.

    He prescribed 15mg. On the first day, I literally felt like I’d worked the worst possible shift ever at my previous management job. Like, I’d broken up a fight, gotten robbed at gun point during a tornado warning with the storm barreling down on the store and trying to mentally process what to do fast enough. I noticed no benefit to focus, just extreme jitters, racing heartbeat, chest pains, and extreme near panic-attack levels of anxiety.

    My doctor said to take half a capsule. While the anxiety is gone, and some of the brain fog goes away, it’s just not very effective for focus. I can get a little done during the day, but I’m still hopping from thing to thing. Still feeling inner restlessness. I just feel like I’d drank a few strong coffees. The only benefit is that it does curb my appetite, but only until it wears off. Then I just want to eat everything.

    I might as well take a placebo and then I wouldn’t feel like my heart was beating out of my chest.

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    I started googling the IC Amphetamine Salts today after 4 days of being on my ADD medication and feeling absolutely no change. I was just diagnosed a month and a half ago, and I was really excited when my doctor told me I’d likely start feeling better nearly immediately… but unfortunately I feel no change whatsoever… I’m not sure if this is because I need a higher dosage (I’m currently on 20 mg of the extended release) or if it’s just because it is the generic… What was super weird is that my doc wrote me the prescription for adderol but since none of the CVS’s in our area had it in stock they asked me, “are you allowed to have the generic version?” And I was just like, “Uh, I don’t know, you tell me? What does the script say?? If it’s the same thing then I don’t see why not??” Now I’m wondering if that was the right choice…

    I guess I’ll call my doctor tomorrow and let him know what’s going on, but just for the sake of getting a review on this drug out there… definitely still feel the same after 4 days of being on the medication, no side effects whther it be bad or good, I just feel normal.

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