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    Hi everyone! I am a 52 year old female that has been struggling my entire life with ADHD. I have been on Ritalin for years & have constantly researched natural alternative which never seemed to work until I was told about “NOOTROPICS.” It is a supplement that has a “base” ingredient for Psychostimulatory effects/cognition; along with 13 other supplements. ( Such as L-TYROSINE, which is recommended for ADHD) I was VERY skeptical after years of trying to replace the Ritalin, but this is working! I take 1 tablet in the morning, and within 30 I’m focused, energetic and ready to start the day. It’s a “clean” feeling, without the jittery side effects of Ritalin. I take a brand called NOOCOR, which I found on Amazon. For those suffering, please Google & research this product. I am OFF the Ritalin and feel this is working 100 times better. Take care everyone, there is hope!

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    Dx 33

    How are you finding things now? Are you still feeling the benefits?

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    I am also interested in hearing from others about Deplin, or L-methylfolate. It compensates for a genetic mutation. My son was tested through Genesight, and his doctor felt he needed it. However, I feel it hasn’t had any effect, and am wondering if he needs a higher dosage. Some people apparently have great results with it, even being able to decrease use of ADHD medication.

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    My children’s (9 &12) doctor had also suggested Deplin and sent us home with samples. Has any one tried it yet? They take Focalin (severe ADHD symptoms) and Zoloft (high anxiety made worse by focalin). Im desperate to find natural alternatives that will lower their need for these meds and don’t cause issues with Tics. L-theanine worked a little but not great Thanks!

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    I ordered Noorcor based on JennyAnne’s post. I am skeptical that she gets good results with one tablet, and that it takes effect so fast. I take the recommended three tablets, and it is usually two hours before I notice any effect. But I do get some relief with this product, just not to the degree that JennyAnne does and certainly far from what Ritalin does. Not surprising, though, because we all have widely varying individual reactions to drugs and supplements. So I add that although Noorcor is not a 100% substitute for Ritalin, it does help with focus and concentration. I add caffeine for enhanced effect. I doubt if there is anything that is a full equivalent to Ritalin, which I can’t get anymore. Doctors have gotten goosey about prescribing it and my bank will not process charges to offshore sources. So we are treated like criminals because we suffer from ADD.

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      Can’t get Ritalin anymore?! That’s nuts! Do you live in the US? My MD gives me three scripts at a time. Perhaps you need a new Doctor?

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    My most likely source of prescription, a neurologist that I had been seeing for months, refused to prescribe it for me, and I have read stuff that says doctors are tightening up because of pressure from the feds. The trouble is, and the risk is, if you go to a new doctor to get Ritalin, as I would have to do, you are likely to be viewed as a ‘drug seeker’. I imagine you have long-standing relationship with your doctor?

    I would love to be wrong about this.

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    Found the study!

    basically it’s two specific EPAs (fish oil omega 3s) 250 mg/d of eicosapentaenoic acid + docosahexaenoic acid . I’m not sure if he’s added PS or is using the oils as PS.. but

    250 mg/d of eicosapentaenoic acid + docosahexaenoic acid provided as phosphatidylserine (300 mg/d PS-Omega3)

    very interesting. I’m not sure it would be replacing ritalin but perhaps a synergistic effect with things like pine bark etc..?

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    I’m just newly diagnosed (although knew full well I was ADHD from my son’s diagnosis a year ago). and just today started 10mg of dexamphetamine – I’m not liking it. For someone like me that never drinks coffee or coca cola because of the jittery effect, dex is feeling pretty gross. I feel drugged and hyper and I don’t like it.

    I was taking L-tyrosine from Thorne Research which helped me deal with the stress of complaining kids really well, but I still had brain fog and felt I’d never achieve my potential.

    I don’t want to take dex again. So I’d be keen to try other things. Apparently in Israel they’ve found a treatment that is very new and natural – so new they’re not even saying what it is yet.

    My son is doing well on short acting 10mg ritalin twice a day but is a struggle without it and can’t learn , and being ADHD myself, I can’t keep calm all that well with him! I would like an alternative for him too

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    Quiquar…the study you link to is 12 years old, from 2006. Not so new, and if it was helpful we would have heard about it by now.

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    Hi, I checked the research topic. Today there is a dietary supplement that is sold. I’m looking into the possibility of giving it to my child

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    Nathalie P.

    What effect has L theanine with coffee for you ? Any experiences?

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    My Roommate suffers from ADD and mild Schzoprenia, he now takes a small dose of Abilify, Time release ritalin, booster ritalin,and 25 MG of CBD two or three times a day. He does Yoga and meditation 6 days a week. Recently I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I went on a no carb diet. Which because of default he also went on a no carb diet, as part of a 40 day Yoga program he went on a fruit only diet, wow what an improvement. It has been about a year and a half since we started on his treatment. When we first started he was “barely funtional”. It has been a step by step proccess, but now his is so fuctional it is amazing, his “excutive funtions” get better and better. For us it has been like playing Sherlock Holmes. Figuring out what works, for him was a proccess of seeing what works for him, what makes him spin. There was no magic bullet, observing what makes him spin, and eliminating what you can. We believe that Yoga and Meditation helps to push the brain away from its bioligical desire to be a run away train. it helps re wire the brain to focus and strenghten the desired thought proccess. It helps if you have an observant support person that can give you feed back.

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