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    First let me say I am a HUGE fan of ADDitude, it has helped me celebrate my gifts and cherish my uniqueness so very much there are no words! I am constantly forwarding your newsletters and links as well as sharing on facebook. Many people I have referred to you tell me how very impressed they are because they always thought they were ‘stupid’ because they didn’t fit in with the ‘neurotypical’ people (I call ’em sheep, lol, not nice I know). You have all helped me stop trying to live up to other people’s ‘expectations’ and given me continued courage to keep thinking outside of the box to help so many many people across the country in so many ways.
    However, there are a lot of Webinars I would love to listen to, but, since I have ADHD I cannot listen for an entire hour to something. Nope. I am needing to get myself organized and was ill for almost three years so I need to get back on track and go to school to get a good job because I had a late diagnosis and had to spend all of my savings because of being sick. I am feeling very stuck and need to complete my schooling application and cannot figure out why I am not doing it?
    Anyway, if it is possible to have some mini-webinars I would really appreciate it and I know many people I work within the social services field with concurrent disorders and addiction issues would never be able to listen for an entire hour. 5 to 7 minutes – perhaps 10 minutes max if it’s a really interesting topic is about all I have for an attention span and I am on meds and doing my best. For me school was a nightmare for everyone involved because I would finish my work in 5 minutes and ‘bug’ people so I taught younger grades, special needs and went ‘ahead’ in the grades then had to repeat them again so boredom is a real thing for me. I find sitting through a University lecture almost unbearable unless the speaker is intuitive and likely ADHD (I also do public speaking and teach at all levels), not saying I am better at all it’s just I prefer to take online courses as I am doing now because I can read a three hour lecture in a half hour and it actually only has about a chapter at most of actual useable information I can use the rest is just fillers, for me, anyway.
    Thank you for listening… I just found it odd since you do a magazine on ADHD you would choose to do one hour webinars?

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