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    Has anyone been successful with a homeschool program for unmotivated teen, and if so which program have you found to be best. We are located in California. Thank you.

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    Ella C

    Hello! I was homeschooled and I have ADHD. The opportunity for a customized education did wonders for me lol. I’m in college now.

    I remember my motivation was at rock bottom around ages 14-15. I procrastinated so bad I made myself miserable but I did it anyways. My poor mother tried everything.

    Have you tried online classes for your teen? I took several online classes throughout my homeschool education and they helped keep me accountable. The classes I took met live once or twice a week and teachers took attendance.

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    Here’s a success story on homeschooling kids with ADHD:

    How Homeschooling Saved My Smart, Curious Son

    ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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    Dr. Eric

    I have seen it work, but I have also seen it fail.
    Rarely, have I seen it go Ok.

    Home school is a lot more work than the marketing for it shares.

    When I consult on a specific case where I am asked if I think that homeschool is good for a child, here are the questions that I want answered to know…
    – Would they be prepared if it was 3 times the work than they predicted?
    – How are the child’s academic levels? A child who understands the work, but gets in trouble or conflict over the details or structure of the class will do better than others. For example, can I trust that I say, “come back and show me that you learned…even if how you get there is not what I would recommend.”
    – Are they running towards homeschooling or away from their current situation?

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