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    I thought it would be fun to share some funny stories about ADHD or the symptoms, since I just thought of one of my own.
    Every Friday, my uncle and sometimes my grandma come over and we play a board game. I had just gotten a new game and I was trying to read the instructions so I could explain it to everyone else. We were all joking around and no one was really paying attention to me trying to explain it because my sister and uncle were messing around, and I kept jokingly sassing my family members.
    It was pretty late and my ADHD medicine had worn off hours before, so I was tired and not focusing very well. So I asked everyone multiple times to be quiet so I could read and explain it to them, but they kept talking. Eventually I went “Hey, I can’t read if y’all are talking so shhhhhh!!” and my grandma laughed and said “well you have a problem then” and I looked at her and said, “Yeah, it’s called ADHD, grandma.”
    I wasn’t really trying to be funny, I was hardly even thinking straight, but everyone lost it. I didn’t mean to make her sound like a bad person or anything I was just sassing her jokingly again, but she felt bad and I told her I didn’t mean that she was a bad person.

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    It would be funny if I could have asystem busy icon on my glasses when I stop mid word talking to someone and a thought interrupts.

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