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    I am writing this to inquire if anyone else has experienced adverse reactions or unexpected side effects from a generic form of Adderall XR distributed by Prasco and made by Shire.

    I have been taking Adderall XR to treat my ADHD for more than 5 years with great success- recently I filled the same prescription as I have been for the past 5 years and upon taking it immediately noticed it is not the same drug.

    From the transition point to the recently filled bottle, I noticed my thoughts are constantly disorganized, always feeling distracted in my mind, having trouble seeing the “big picture” as I have done with much ease with this medication for the past five years. The Adderall XR I have been given recently makes it worse and not better.

    I have contacted Shire and Prasco to inquire if they changed anything in the manufacturing process of this drug and to the best of their knowledge they have not, however they did not 100% confirm everything has been the same. They registered my complaint and that was it.

    I have been to my doctor to get evaluated and all of my charts look great. The only thing we could reason was:
    1). I got a bad batch of medication.
    2). Shire changed something with the medication.

    Does anyone take the generic form of Adderall XR distributed by Prasco and notice any changes with the prescription they just picked up?

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    There are many generics on the market. And many complaints about them not being as effective. This could be the first time you’ve had this particular generic.

    If you know you’ve had this generic and done well with it in the past, log your insights with the FDA.

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