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    I have been referred to both an ADHD and ASD specialist, the assessor who referred me said there is a very long waiting list, could be 2 years or more. I am so angry, frustrated and desperately need the right meds.

    I have been researching and figured out the cause of ADHD is a dopamine deficiency, this upsets me even more as I have only ever been treated for serotonin deficiency, I have tried every anti depressant going, those drugs do not work for adhd. I makes me so mad that nobody picked up on this sooner, I have had problems all my life and it was only identified just before my 40th birthday.

    Here in the UK GPs can’t prescribe stimulant drugs as far as I’m aware.
    I just wondered if there is any other drug that my GP could prescribe until I get to see the psychiatrist. Anything other than an antidepressant which could stabilise the dopamine.

    Please help

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    Hi, I hope it’s not too late for me to reply to your message!

    What part of the UK do you live in? I’m in the south, and was very lucky to find that my GP was able to write to a funding body to handle my ADHD diagnosis and treatment. This was sadly not the case up north, where I was told I would need to pay £400 for a private diagnosis.

    My advice is that whichever avenue you need to take, DO get the diagnosis. £400 is a lot, but it’s lifechanging if a positive result. My ADHD drugs are prescribed through a private doctor that is working with my GP, as far as I know you’re right that the NHS itself doesn’t prescribe ADHD meds.

    If you have to go private and have the means to do so I recommend it, it’s worth saving for, but I know it’s a lot of money.

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    So sorry just saw this now. I can’t afford private treatment. Saw the doctor last week he wanted a letter from the psychologist who assessed me, seeing him again this week, hoping he can prescribe something, either a tricyclics antidepressant or anti anxiety drug. There must be something I can take to ease the crippling symptoms.

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    I’m an American, so I have no idea about healthcare. However, I can add for in the mean time for your wait list.
    If you’re low on dopamine, I highly recommend doing things you enjoy, it’s a natural way to get it while you wait. Exercise, being in the sun, meditating are good ways as well.

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