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    My insurance recently stopped paying for my name brand Adderall prescription. I talked to the pharmacist & they assured me that the generic was not only exactly the same medication as the name brand but also made by the same company. That was 3 months ago & although I saw very little difference at first, I can now see a steady decline in my focus & concentration. Has anyone else experienced this when switching from name brand & generic Adderall?

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    Yes. I am a nurse and have spent over a decade believing that name brand and generics are the same chemically. I think you are experiencing what i experienced. Being a procrastinator, i waited until i was 37 and nearly fired from my job, before i finally faced the reality of my ADD diagnosis. After a full month on Adderall (generic), my confidence was creeping up and i was feeling very productive. I was even early to meetings a few times! The next month was rocky. I filled the same kind of rx, but the generic manufacturer was different. I started to experience depression and frustration. I was literally moments away from an “F You” at work. I went back to the doctor and he looked at the medication. He said that not all generics are created equally and he had many patients that have experienced the same thing.
    No worries, you don’t have to pay the big bucks for the brand name, you may just have to shop around for the good generics. Most pharmacies do not know which generic medication they will receive to fill your rx. If they do not have it in stock to tell you which manufacturer they are going to fill with, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SCRIPT. Look at your label. On the very bottom you should see the letters MFG and a name. The manufacture that did not work on me was called aurobindo. I felt like it was poison. Try to find TEVA. This manufacturer is the one i started with and the only one i will take moving forward. It’s very difficult if you fill a worthless rx. I had to spend a ton of time and money to get this remedied. As soon as i got the tech generic i was doing great again. Hope this helps.

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      Its funny, Im having the same effect except on the TEVA. I hate the Teva. last year I went back on ADD and I was happy and focused. But it was the aurabindo. The aurabindo you could also separate into fours.

      Today I just wanna flip out ion frustration over everything.

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      Ima Whittaker

      I have noticed this with many different drugs. The pharmacy I have been going to for a few years has just switch all their generics!! I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It took so look to find the generics of all my meds that I could tolerate. The Ritalin generic that they gave me is causing palpitations and tremors. It was suggested that I switch to Adderall last year. Now I am hearing all of this-which I am grateful for. I just don’t even know what to do any more. I wish all of you good luck in finding the right generic. I know it’s not fun at all!!

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      Depends on who the manufacturer is.

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      me too

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    My daughter started on generic adderall for ADD and was convinced that it was placebo. She got no focus at all from it. She tried generic Concerta next- similar reaction . Now she is trying Vyvanse that has no generic, and so far she is feeling better focus. It made me wonder about generic drugs

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    Yes. My insurance switched my name brand Strattera (a working non-stimulant) to the generic(atomoxetine). Two months later my productivity had decreased to the point where even my husband was concerned, see your doctor. After correcting and getting the name brand Strattera back I then get a notice from my insurance saying they will no longer supply the name brand Strattera. Can’t afford $800 out of pocket every 90 days, so I have to now find an alternative. My point – if the generic is suppose to be the same, why is there still the brand name? Some generics are not identical.

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    In the US, generics only have to be within 10% of equivalent blood concentrations. Plus, the inactive ingredients and the time-release mechanism can be totally different. The first real issue with this in ADHD stimulant medications was with Concerta. The FDA approved generics that didn’t work at all the same — at least some not even having the same time-release mechanism that is unique to Concerta and a great part of it’s efficacy. With many complaints, the FDA actually revoked the equivalency status of 2-3 of the generics. Now there’s another new generic approved and I hear it’s even worse than the ones originally changed.

    I have heard many reports of Adderall generics not being equivalent either.

    What we did during the Concerta “crisis” (it was a crisis to us!), was the doctor wrote “brand medically necessary” on the prescription so the insurance would pay for brand.

    Here’s a prior discussion on Adderall generics as well:

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    um yes, i have been on them for 13 years and now im 25.. they only have to have 20% of the same ingredient binders as another. .. That is like saying every cheeseburger is the same as Mcdonald’sx or comparing instant coffee to Starbucks honestly its getting worse. Avoid adderall aurobindo at all cost… Terrible thousands of recent reviews stating maybe counterfeit or fake.. thousands Reviews on it just google aurobindo adderall reviews.
    I prefer my former generic corepharm pink they discontinued over the namebrand teva also my sunpharm adds i was on until second shortage over teva.. Teva it could be it tasted like a sweettart like a tum maybe clouded my judgement however the other two mentioned above i liked way bettrr. Just avoid Aurobindo at all costs, guys. And warn anyone else you know who may take also about this manufacturers is bogus

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    I had to start Purchasing brand without insurance because I had a very bad reaction to the generic over the course of a few months that led to my hair falling out. I was able to focus and stay on pace when I was able to get the generic XR capsules by Teva but once it switched it was awful. I recently graduated from college and I’m still trying to find a full-time job and it’s been difficult having to pay almost $700 a month for my prescription.

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    Hello. Boy, can I relate to that. My son was on Adderall instant release as a sophomore in high school; his insurance would not cover the name brand by TEVA, but rather in the generic form, amphetamine-salts. For several months my son would experience severe headaches and vomiting about halfway through his day. More than once he vomited on the school bus. Poor thing was miserable. I got it filled at Walgreen’s one month and RiteAid the next. Finally, upon going to see the psychiatrist for his medication check-up (every 3rd month), we asked about this.

    We were told that there is a difference between the generic and name brand (although once metabolized they break down into the same drug), and potentially several differences in the generic formulations, depending on the manufacturer. For instance, there could be a difference in the chemical compound that affects the “delivery system.” There can be “fillers” used that may trigger an allergic reaction. You just never know until you try, but then if it isn’t effective for you–at what cost to you performance and well-being?

    The psychiatrist began writing on his prescriptions “generic okay; Barr/TEVA ONLY.” That did the job! We have only been using the formulation by Barr/TEVA since. Sometimes the pharmacist will need to call around if they don’t have it, but it’s worth it! I realize this is a delayed post–and I’m hoping you the prior post helped you with your problem by now! Be well.

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    I’m sure these concerns are why my insurance (United Healthcare) won’t cover generic Adderall XR. Some of you might want to try goodrx discount prescription card, Adderall XR for $75.

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    It’s strange to call TEVA the ‘brand name’ adderall. I believe it is generic. I take it without any side effects, although I took auribindo generic and got really sick from it. There is a ADHD forum somewhere on the internet that has an entry by a biochemist who takes adderall. He says it’s the ‘filler’ material that can make you sick, and he listed the various generics and provided information about what fillers they use, and his own recommendations. Of course, what is more “elegant” (that’s a pharmacy term for ‘effectiveness) for one person may not be for another. Another problem is that drug companies keep buying out other drug companies, so the medicine might be different even though the name of the generic company may stay the same.

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    Hi there,

    I have been taking the brand name Adderall RX for several months now. My insurance changed it “generic”. Today, I had to fill my prescription and they provided Manufacturer: Prasco. I went online and it turns out Prasco acquired Teva. Does anyone have any feedback to provide about Prasco?

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      hey there rerfigeac, I just got my refill by Prasco last week.
      Apparently 10mg XR was incredibly hard to find!
      I agree with everyone here, if you can find Sandoz—it’s the WINNER. I feel like it was stronger & more effective than the Prasco is.

      IF you’re curious about Prasco…do a quick google search. They basically bought TEVA to make an authorized generic sanctioned by Shire themselves.

      SO….on paper—–it seems they’re SUPPOSED to be equivolent to TEVA/Shire in it’s strength/potency.

      Will you let me know how you’re feeling on them?

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    If the cost is an issue then you should go try blink that’s how we afford my son’s name brand because we can get 30 mg XR 30 days for $169 name brand I saw this on the news on CNN and I try to let everybody know cuz it worked for us

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    Thank you for the tip, Fazzzi.


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    Chef TxTDFW

    I have been struggling with the same. Cor worked,Teva-nadda. And I’m getting married in 2 weeks! I can’t get it all done and the pain in my head if relentless. But I’m stuck with Teva. So let me share with you what I did for the last 3 days..
    I called the manufacturer Cor. They were so helpful & I encourage ALL of you to do the same as the manufacturer has a responsibility to report adverse reactions to the Drug administration &FDA. DRUG HISTORY: COR was sold to EPIC. EPIC released Adderall in Aug of2018. The Epic rep was so kind and gave me the NDC number to the COR product. Now I’ve been trying to find a Pharmacy that carries EPIC regular Adderall 20mg. However; EPIC Only makes the drug in 5,15,&30 mg. Okay.. I am only finding this brand I keep reading your comments about called Acrdoindo? And of course TEVA. IM FRIGHTENED to try the Acirdoindo based on many of your comments. What to do? I’ve been on the Teva for 30 days and I’m useless and sick. I feel like my head is going to explode. If I change 2weeks before my wedding to the Acirdoindo;am I going to sleep through my wedding? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance..

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      You can request that your doctor write the prescription notated with “brand medically necessary.” They may have to submit to your insurance for approval to cover brand name Adderall.

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    It’s been getting very tough for my son who is 9. He was on amphetamine salts (generic) for a few years now and it’s seeming not to be working any longer. There has been increased dosage and even a switch to generic Concerta and bumped twice and still no change except tics. He has an appointment Friday and we are wondering if he just needs the name brand. There is only so many times we will bump the meds. He is already taking 20mg and no change whatsoever. He is lashing out along with bad tics. It’s heartbreaking. The mfr is Actavis

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    I just switched to brand name adderall and it doesn’t seem to be doing the job for me
    . I had asked my doctor to switch me to brand name because the generic form I was getting was networking either .but it seemed to be better then the brand name .. my doctor will not raise my dose I take 20 mg 2x a day . Years ago I was taking 30mg 2 a day. I cant focus .I’m gaining weight .misplacing little things . My garden is a mess . I’m lost n need help I know the generic brand Teva has the best .how to go about asking my doctor to write only teva . On my prescription for adderall. Any advice .

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    Posting here becasue I have noticed a change in the quality of generic adderall XR and IR and possibly vyvanse.
    I have been on 20mg XR morning and 10mg IR as needed for 7+ years. Usually take frequent breaks from the meds.
    Over the past 1.5 or so years, I have been experiencing scalp irritation/SD and hair loss, as well as feeling generally sick/unwell on the meds, with occasional torrettes like tics and was therefore on frequent breaks. This was while taking Prasco XR and teva IR from Walgreens. I have tried them separately and both have been giving me the same issues.
    I had about a month supply of coropharma IR from 2015 in the back of my closet. I decided to try those 2x per day spaced 4hr apart, with no XR for a month, and it felt like a completely different med. It was far superior to both the prasco 20mg XR and teva 10mg spaced the same way.
    I don’t think the meds had degraded because they felt much stronger and I had much more mental clarity… all of the symptoms I had been experiencing were not present. It felt like I had come off of a 2+ month Med break.
    Now I also had some old teva 10mg IR from a few year ago, and there was undoubtably a change in the mfg process. The texture, color (both are blue, but newer one has far larger whiteish specs that are distributed differently through the pill, and the blue is “deeper” or “richer” in the old pill), they break differently, and most notably taste very differently.
    IMO the differences are too significant to be from any expiration of the meds. When I found them I actually had a sort of deja vu moment, where the look, taste, etc reminded me of how I had always remembered the meds-the newer ones seemed foreign.
    I also tried this old teva, also a way better experience and no symptoms.

    Now it gets even stranger- I go to the dr, and switch to vyvanse 60mg. I start having similar issues after 1-2 weeks, although much less severe on the vyvanse. Surprisingly, I also had about a month supply of vyvanse from when I was on it in 2013… I decided to try these for a couple weeks, and just as the old adderall, they felt more powerful than ever and none of the unpleasant symptoms.

    I should also add- when filling the XR, I was asked on two separate occasions by different pharmacy people, “is the generic okay”.. I have never been asked this for any other med, makes me wonder if others are having similar experiences..

    This all leaves me confused.. I just picked up a script for provigil and adderall IR, and am going to try the provigil for a few weeks as well as trying the IR from a different mfg.
    Idk what could be going on. The pharma supply chain is so dynamic and convoluted it’s a pain to do extensive research or keep up with things..

    Does this help anyone, or has anyone had a similar experience..?

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    mike1523, OMG, I have been on Adderall IR 2 years ago teva and on other brand and it was incredible strong effective. Now 2 years latter and I’m am back on Adderall it 20mg 2x daily and it is horrible weak dose not work and ineffec. I tryed ever brand there is teva, malacaout,aubra,Sandoz. NEVER HAD CORE PHARMA DUE TO THE reviews

    SANDOZ BRAND WAS THE BEST!! WAS The best Trust me RUSTWAS NOiT wAS GOOD AS THE TEVA TOOK 2 YEARS AGO BUT IT WAS UP THERE. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I took 4 teva Adderall IR 20mg to feel the effects which we’re pretty good but to get those effects same effects I would only have to take 60mg of Adderall ir Teva at 1 last year. I take 20mg 2x daily.

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      You know, I can’t tell you how absolutely SICK and DISGUSTED that I am that we are being so screwed around with like this! We have been screaming and hollering and blowing a loud horn and telling our doctors, the pharmacist, that the companies making the generic version of of Adderall that they are messing with our LIVES! WE KNOW THEY SCREWED WITH THE FORMULA! What the hell is the big deal about putting the formula back the way it was, the way it was when they were doing research and so many people responded favorably to it and it was allowed to be prescribed? The SH*T they are making NOW would NEVER have been approved! NEVER! They are hurting so many people, young and old, they are screwing with the quality of our lives and we have been TOO patient with them to fix it! Before they TAMPERED with the formula I was a productive, happy, efficient, successful person! The operative word is; WAS! All it would take for me to be the person I have always been is if they would just FREAKING make the SAME medication I was prescribed and was taking successfully for 15 years! I have been struggling for over 5 years along with everyone else. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END, AND BE CORRECTED?

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    I had been been taking 20mg x day of generic/Sandoz Adderall for about 4 months and it had been working really well for me. 2 weeks ago when my pharmacy gave me my new prescription they noted it was from a new manufacturer called Northstar. I have been struggling ever since. Just feeling like I’m not getting any benefit from it at all. Similar to what others have mentioned as if it were a sugar pill. I found this forum this evening while googling trying to find out if there were differences between manufacturers. I guess I have found my answer. Wondering if anyone else had experience with Sandoz and/or Northstar?

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      I just got refilled with Northstar this month for the first time and its terrible just like you say. Sandoz has been best for me but hard to get. It’s so annoying that every month my refill brand is random. About to make them change that. I had Mallinchrodt last month which was actually comparable to Sandoz for me. Which was surprising given the reviews. Aurobindo was the absolute worst. Just made me lazy and depressed. Northstar has a similar effect. Also causing high blood pressure and heart rate. Stuff is garbage.

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    I too just filled an RX from Northstar and I’m only on day 2 and it is a NIGHTMARE. Totally ineffective – I am 100% sure the margins on their active ingredients is the bottom of the 30% lower minimum. These companies are so evil and they cut the efficacy of the product for larger profits and we are the lab rats who have to deal with a MONTH LONG RX that doesn’t even work! I will never ever accept Northstar again from my pharmacy (along with Mallinckrodt – which is certainly the worst of all the Adderall RXs out there) but Northstar is awful and is certainly second on my list of offenders. I’ve been on this medication for over 10 years and now every month is a terrifying awkward guessing game of calling my pharmacies to fill at the one carrying an acceptable generic. How is this even legal? Oh- and I start a new job on Monday! That’s going to be a total nightmare.

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    I have been on adderall for 3 months. I take generic and have not had a problem until this month. Every time I fill my script I get a different brand of 15mg adderall. This month I for a pink oval one made by epic Pharma. I have felt horrible. My stomach is killing me and I want to eat constantly which seems crazy to me. I have lost 20 lbs (which I needed to) since being on adderall. I also am getting very sleepy at work in the middle of the day. Has anyone else taken the ones made by this company and had any horrible side wccects. Does this sound normal for a different generic brand?

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    Sorry for the grammar errors. I can’t see everything as I write and it won’t let me fix it.

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    Huh What Ooo

    These generics are nothing like the originals. Sandoz was like I never took it, Core was like a punch in the face, rough caffeine like feeling ending with a hard crash, sometimes feeling super sleepy after hitting my system. Teva seems the smoothest with little transition feelings.

    I have not tried the others for fear they don’t work and then be screwed for a month wasting g money. I do not have insurance, but I use Blink. 30mg X2 costs me just under $53 a total win, except… I have to make sure at pickup that’s what been filled. I forget to call pharmacy to check prior. Been on a good run with Wal-Mart. Still not every pharmacy doesn’t except Blink.

    For the pharmacies that will order the brand you want, you will pay more. It just seems like they are playing roulette with our lives. To my knowledge, Teva is the one with the original formula, but it doesn’t feel the same. I’ve taken other drugs, various dosages, multiple extended med breaks and it should feel like a shiny new car when I restart, but no.

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      I have always taken the 20mg oval salts-generic (maybe teva) , which noticeably kick in within 20 minutes and help big time, but they cause a crash for me at the end of the day. This is the first time I have been given the Sandoz generics. I have been google searching for these, which led me here, because i swear to god they are not working whatsoever. I wasn’t sure if it was a tolerance thing or what, but I feel like I was given placebo sugar pills.

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    Hello Everybody…new to the group….first post

    I have been taking Adderall for about 6 months. I am a middle age adult and this is my first experience with ADD/ADHD medications. I was starting a new involved job and I wanted to be at my best during the 2 month training period and for the first 6-12 months. My MD started me on 10mg of IR Adderall 2 times a day. The first brand I got at my local CVS was made by Sandoz. The med seemed good and helped me concentrate, stay focused and digest all this new technical information I would need to know to sell these systems and products. On month two he upped me to 20mg 2 times a day. I went to the same CVS and received the dreaded Aurobindo brand. My wife had an issues many years ago with Aurobindo Soma which is a muscle relaxant. The Aurobindo brand was horrible and almost seemed like a placebo compared to other generics she had used. Believe it or not the Aurobindo Adderall was not complete garbage. Now some of this may be because I went from 10mg to 20mg twice a day. The Aurobindo brand did not seem as smooth as the Sandoz brand. It came on fast and seemed to drop off fast. On my next visit to CVS they gave me 20mg of Activis. The Activis seemed good and close to Sandoz in quality and strength. On my next visit they gave me Sandoz again. Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive 20mg of the Teva brand that I had heard so many good reviews about. The cost was higher with my insurance co-pay. I am guessing this is related to many pharmaceutical companies raising the cost of their medications up to 10% for 2019. The Teva brand seemed good and probably the best generic so far. The medication also has a pleasant taste like candy. I must say besides the Aurobindo brand which was a little like riding a roller coaster the difference for me was fairly minimal between the various companies. I realize everybody reacts differently to medication and the fillers and binders that make the pill. I would like to try the name brand Adderall sometime. If it cost more than $300 for 60 20mg tabs with my insurance then maybe someday. I read somebody was paying $700 for a one month supply of the name brand. No thanks!

    On a side not I did try a 40mg dose of Vyvance from a friend and liked the balanced feel over about 8 hours. I have mentioned Vyvance to my doctor and he seems to like Adderall for my conditions. He mentioned the price of Vyvance being high and that once you take the pill there is no turning back for the day. Not sure if it is worth pushing him next month to try 30mg or 40mg of Vyvance for a month. Any feedback from the group would be most appreciated. Overall I have been very happy with how this medication has helped me stay focused and on track. It has also helped my memory and time management throughout my work day and free time with my family.

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    So you’re stating you had positive results with the football shaped ones in this past month?

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    I was on Teva 10mg, 4 a day, sublingual (the only way I can take it with any predictability and best bio-availability), for 30 days. Did well. In school for 8 weeks, 97 GPA, CDL Class A. Plus working long hours.
    Then due to insurance change about 4 days ago went with 20mg (cheaper) and split them, but the new ones are Northstar. Not the same for me. First, the Teva were blue and oval, and the Northstar is round, off-white and round. Teva split fine but even with a splitter the Northstar just seem to crumble.

    I would say even though I feel some stimulant effect I feel just blah, dull, not energized. I do not think for whatever reason, they work as well for me, so I am going to see if CVS can get the Teva.

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    I’ve been on Adderall 20mg 2x day for 10+ years and this is how I understand it. The name brand was made by Shire Pharma and Teva made the generic. Teva merged with Barr and later bought the rights for Adderall from Shire Pharma (who no longer makes it). I noticed a couple years ago Teva-Barr became Teva and the Adderall inactive ingredients became identical to brand name Adderall (less crumbly and sweet to taste) but kept the oval shape. The insurance companies here in the Detroit area still consider it to be generic and cover them as such. If my information is wrong please correct me as I am confused on whether or not there is ‘name brand’ Adderall.
    I too am experiencing different effects with generics. So far Teva and Sandoz seem to work best but it’s a crap shoot on which pharmacy will have them! Very frustrating!

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    Do you have other brands prescribed by your doctors?

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    When you receive a non brand name drugs, there is only one major difference. Companies that put their names on the product and swear by them have purified the medication, taking out all of the enantiomers. An enantiomer is a chemical with the same composition but a different molecular structure. Sometimes these drugs can give you side effects if they do not purify for the specific type of molecular structure that is desired. One Chinese company had created a generic form of ADHD medication and put it on the market. A few weeks later ten children under five years old died from heart attacks. I’m not saying taking generic drugs will kill you, I’m just merely stating that if you have the option to receive a brand name Adderall, even if it is a higher cost, it is most likely healthier for your body and will cause minimal side effect. Companies with grand name medications stand by their product and back it by their reputable name when they know that it is the perfect form and only consists of molecules with the EXACT structure they are looking to create. If you wish to learn more about enantiomers, khan academy is a great place to learn anything, and if you read also about stereochemistry you would be exposed to a plethora of knowledge relating to molecules with the same composition but in a different orientation. Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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    Hi. I am reading all this with tears in my eyes. My guy of 5 years. 50ish yo
    Takes adderal 30xr. A few months ago his pharmacy changed his generic. It seems it releases too quickly he will get nauseated clammy headaches. I found out yesterday he hasn’t taken it in 2 months at all. He almost fell asleep driving. He has sleep apnea and was probably a slight form narcolepsy he is prescribed it for so he can work and function
    He basically went to bed Friday and spent all day in bed over this. He’s depressed and angry
    He wanted me a few months back to go from pharmacy to pharmacy with the pix of the one that works to see who carries it
    I did not feel comfy doing that
    I am a RN who works in local community
    I am working for a company that is contracted out by the state. I know that without a prescription in my name no pharmacy is going to speak to me. It’s drug seeking type of behavior to do that. It could mar my reputation
    Screw up my job . He isn’t getting that

    I am desperate to help him but I can’t in the way he wants. I have spent hours researching
    Trying to find out who might make the generic that works for him soi can perhaps contact them to see who they distribute to

    His insurance won’t cover name brand and I have told him they have to if dr says they need to with a letter. Either he didn’t ask or dr acted like he couldn’t do that. I forget

    He needs the 30xr that comes in capsules with the little beads / balls inside
    His pharmacy switched to powder inside
    I googled and found it made by TEVA. But when I went to TEVA site I only see the powdered filled
    Can anyone help or direct me to where I can get help
    I am very worried re this depression he seems to have sunk into.
    Thank you

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      Well hopefully I have some good news for you. I have been researching Adderall for 10+ years and Shire was the original manufacture. I just went to there site and they make Mydayis, a slow release Amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts capsule (with beads) for adhd. Maybe he can check with his doctor about it.

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      I read your post and I felt bad for you due to the situation you found yourself in. I mainly wanted to reply to your post b/c of your worries about maintaining your reputation in regards to your job. I COMPLETELY understand your thinking, and you should always be smart in situations where you’re worried about your job (and frankly, I know your BF is not feeling well, but he should always understand your actions for wanting to maintain your living…so, put him in his place in that regard).

      HOWEVER, you are causing yourself way too much anxiety for a situation that should not be too stressful. First off, if you want to ask around at different pharmacies for a certain generic brand, this is completely normal behavior for people with a prescription. Just do the following to find him the specific type he wants:

      CALL around to all your city’s pharmacies; do not go there in person, and don’t bring around a picture of the pill either. Google the exact markings that are on the pills he likes, you should immediately be able to find out which MANUFACTURER makes it. I capitalized Manufacturer b/c this is the word you should always use when you’re calling the pharmacies. When calling, you NEVER have to say your name, and they will never really ask your name to begin with. The only question they may ask is if you’ve been a customer before (and your answer to that question has no effect on the way they help you out). I have an Adderall Rx, and every month I call tons of pharmacies to find a manufacturer that I’m okay with. I have probably made over 300+ of these calls, and I’ve never once had a pharmacist tell me that it was an odd request, and I’ve never been pressured to tell my name (and I never am asked my name, nor do I mention my name). This is exactly what you should say when you call: “Hi, I have my monthly prescription for Adderall 20mg, and I’m just wondering what manufacturer you are carrying at the moment?”. They always quickly tell me, and never act weird about it. Obviously, change the medication name and mg amount from my example to what you’re desiring.

      If you call a good amount of places, you should be able to find the manufacturer that your BF likes. However, in the case that you do not, there is another extremely simple (and normal) request you can make to a pharmacy that has decent customer service. All pharmacies can order specific manufacturers whenever they want, and they do it A LOT. Whenever it is about a week before your refill date, just call a friendly pharmacy and say “Hi, I have a Rx for […], and I have adverse reactions to almost all manufacturers other than [BF’s favorite]. My doctor told me that pharmacies can order specific manufacturers, as long as you give them a few days heads-up. Is there any way that would be possible?”. And you can also add this if you feel it’s necessary: “I am more than happy to pay a couple dollars extra for them, as long as it is not a drastic increase, b/c being comfortable w/ my medication is worth a couple extra dollars to me. I know it might be silly, but every time I get other brands, I find myself questioning their effectiveness throughout the day.”

      Sometimes pharmacies that are relatively Independent (i.e. NOT Walgreens, CVS,…etc.) are more quick to work with you on topics like this b/c they value customers’ experiences more, and they want to keep up a solid reputation/reviews. Places like CVS never have to worry about not having enough customer traffic, so they don’t worry about catering to the customers nearly as much. Also, people who work at CVS/Walgreens usually have bosses they have to run EVERYTHING by for so many different tasks (and their bosses have bosses to go through too…that’s the corporate structure). At family-owned or Independent pharmacies, the pharmacist working there either owns the place hiself, or he knows the owner very well; so he can quickly tell you yes or no (and he doesn’t have to run it by 4 different people).


      Now, once you’ve found a place that has your BF’s favorite manufacturer in-stock, or have found a place to order them for you, then let you BF know. Then the only thing he has to do is show up with the Rx and get the pills. If he’s too lazy, you can drop off the Rx, but he will need to pick it up. (If you are married, and have the same last name, then you should be able to do all of it for him if you had to). All of the stuff I have told you to do should never put your job/living in any kind of jeopardy! And trust me, pharmacists do not consider it to be drug-seeking behavior whatsoever! Pharmacists have been required to be more suspicious in their jobs, and I have never once had a pharmacist act like the questions/requests that I mentioned were anything other than normal / completely relevant.

      So stop worrying so much! I hope this has helped! And I am sorry for the super long post, I just wanted to specifically tell her exactly what to say and expect.

    • #108826


      Hi. Thanks for your response
      All I know is that in My state and at least another I know of they won’t tell you anything by phone about that class of drug.
      Not even if they have it in stock. Not even the date they expect to have it delivered if you are in the pharmacy and they say they are out

      I saw pictures that lead me to one generic brand. Only to find it’s no longer shown on their website which may be why he can no longer get it

      Yes I know pharmacies can special order but we would need to find out who makes it to do that though.
      And TBH. In NJ they must get an extra course called how to be as ass to customers because they could give 2 craps around here
      Sorry we don’t have it. That’s it is all you will get
      If one if your rx wasn’t filled don’t expect an explanation when you pick the filled one up. It’s like an inquisition to get someone to tell you

      It’s really awful

      He needs to go to his dr and ask for a letter to get the name brand covered and his dr has to wake up and get out of the 1960s and fills the form

  • #108612


    Hi everyone! I’ve been prescribed adderall IR 30mg for about 15 years now. I also had similar problems with almost all the generics; however in my special case, the brand name works the best for me. I’ve had my Drs “up” my script (I’m on the max does allowed) while trying to make the generics “lack of effects”. My Dr chose to put me back in the name brand only since we know it works and can cut my does down drastically. He wrote me out my script for “name-brand only”. I live in Southeast Tx and I have not been able to find a pharmacy that has the name brand adderall in stock! Is there anyone who gets the brand name IR dose on here? And may I please ask what pharmacy you were able to find them at? I’m desperately in need and over due to fill my script and it has already started to take a negative impact on my career, parenting and education. Please, anyone with info that could help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

  • #108853


    I’m 41yrs old and I have been taking ADHD medicine for 16yrs. The biggest frustration has been the inconsistency of the generics. Last year the brand name Adderall was a “covered medication” so I didn’t have a co-pay. Fast forward to January and it was $786. Decided to make my car payments and go with the generic. The problem I find with the generics is they tend to provide a physical upper stimulation instead of a mental stimulation like the brand name. The Teva works a little, the Malikot makes me feel like I’m strung out on coke, and this month I try the NorthStar. This is a problem and I’m not sure the best way to advocate for myself without dropping my monthly budget on my mental health. Any ideas???

  • #108994


    So, I tried to make a new topic discussion and post this but it won’t appear. So, then I tried to post again and it won’t let me because it says it’s a duplicate. I’m posting it here in the hopes that someone can help!
    Hey all,
    So I was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago, and my doctor prescribed Vyvanse because she liked it better. She had said that it can be expensive if not covered but gave me a free monthly prescription card thing to use. So, after about a month we figured out the right dosage and everything was great! For the rest of the year, my monthly prescription for 50mg Vyvanse was totally covered and free. Well, I now know that was due to my family reaching their deductible. Without reaching our super high deductible, which was only met because both my mom and I had types of surgery, I have to pay 292 dollars until the deductible is reached. Well, I tried to use both the discount card on shire’s website and one my doctor gave me that only lowered it to 232 dollars a month. So, I called my insurance and the only thing that is kind of covered are generic versions of Adderall. So, I went back in and my doctor prescribed 20mg 3x a day. I have read a lot of the discussions about how the different manufacturers of the generic brand can have different effects. Well, I took my first day of the new generic version, and I honestly felt like it did nothing. I was still super tired, I was unfocused and just felt like I do when I don’t take anything. I did some research, and it looks like I received the generic version from a newer manufacturer named zydus. It’s a peach colored oval pill with N 955 imprinted on it. I was just wondering if anyone has had any good or negative experiences with this manufacturer? Or if they have a manufacturer they really like? Any tips on how to combat this feeling? Also any ideas on how to get my insurance to cover or partly cover Vyvanse or even brand name Adderall? I’m a college student still on my parent’s plan and am a dependent. So, they make to much money for me to be considered for any of the assistance programs, but my mom doesn’t believe in me needing any medication and my dad understands but isn’t willing to pay an ungodly amount for it. Thanks all for any help, advice, and experiences you can share with me!

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    There are all sorts of coupons for Adderall generic….. download app rX, or google Adderal coupons you can get JR for no more than $49.

    I like the Teva
    I do not like the Zydus it’s an aspirin that causes headaches I been on it this week and I have got nothing done but losing things all over the place. I take 20mg…. I went back to my doctor and had him write a new script for Teva
    I think you should find a new doctor those who are struggling with script increases and manufacturers. The doctor work for you and needs to make sure you can live your life. I didn’t get diagnosed until 23…. I’m 33 and it took me 3 tries at college to get my degree. I wish you well!

  • #109683


    I’ve used ADHD medications for 10 years. I’ve tried numerous variations from Adderall generic 20mg 2xs a day IR, to generic Adderall ER 30mg, Vyvanse 50,60,70 strengths in an attempt to tolerate Vyvanse (without success), Non stimulant Stratera and on…. last year (or in late 2017) the original manufacturer of Adderall (Shire) came out with Mydayis an extended release which touts being effective for upwards of 12-16 hours. Shire promotes the product as offering 3 release cycles of different ingredients. When Shire introduced Mydayis they offered a coupon which provided their product for $3 / month for 3 months and then $15 / month for 9 months and you didn’t have to be covered by insurance – obviously a marketing strategy to get doctors and patients to try Mydayis. Well getting to the point, Shire discontinued the coupon at the end of 2018 fast forward to 2019 Shire did offer a new coupon which provides for $60 per month towards the cost of Mydayis, which brings the out of pocket costs to approximately $221.

    The kicker is I have insurance however Mydayis is not on my formulary so end result is it is not covered and if I want it I am paying cash.

    For me Mydayis has been a blessing, I don’t get that “rush” or “high feeling” when I first take it like I do with Generic Adderall and Vyvanse. For me Mydayis last at least 12 hours and I can fall asleep at night. I am now along with my doctor petitioning my insurance company to provide me an exception and cover Mydayis for me at the third tier of my formulary which would be better than full price.

    For anyone experiencing problems with doctors or pharmacies be persistent keep trying for the best product for you. And finally don’t let pharmacists or technicians treat you like an addict as you try to find the right product for you – because I’ve experienced their ignorance, ADHD is real and we shouldn’t be treated any differently than a diabetic requiring insulin.

    Thanks for reading

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    Aurobindo- What is in this stuff? It can’t be FDA approved, there is no way this drug is legitimate.

    I filled my prescription for 20mg IR yesterday at Meijer Pharmacy because Walgreens, where I have been going for years was out of generic Adderall. Meijer supplied me with medication by manufacturer “Aurobindo”. I took the medication today and I am seriously questioning what I have ingested.

    I feel drugged, I’m in a mental fog, my attention span is all over the place, my environment is very overstimulating, I cannot stay on task, I cannot recall simple instructions, I can’t concentrate, my brain feels like jello. I’m very irritable, easily angered, very restless and I am immediately annoyed by everything and everyone, I had to listen to a work presentation for 2 hours and the sound of the speaker’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard, I just wanted her to shut up, I wanted to run out of there and get away from her. Physically, my chest feels very heavy, my entire body feels weighed down and I can’t sit still. I feel like I’ve taken a prescription antihistamine and drank 2 Red Bulls, it’s as if my brain is a piece of taffy being pulled in two opposite directions.

    How is this legal? I’m a nurse and I seriously doubt these “are just different binders”, this feels like a completely different drug. I cannot function at my job like this. I have no idea what to do, I have a 2 month supply and cannot return it. Can anyone help with suggestions?

  • #110559


    Maybe you can ask your doctor to write you a prescription for vyvanse or some other medication that possibly can treat your add in the meantime. I’ve done that. My insurance company did talk to my doctor about me possibly hoarding my pills, which I wasn’t. It may be a good time to experiment to see if other medications can provide some relief. I am 41 and have been taking medication for 4 years. Caffeine with L-theanine might be something OTC you can try. I know its difficult without medication.I struggled with irritability, restlessness, and anger for 30 years before I found relief. I have taken drug holidays and being off medication, ineffective medication, and medication tolerance can turn your world upside down.

    I have a really good psychiatrist. Her husband and daughter have add and I think it gives her a better understanding of the patient/medication relationship. I am very fortunate.

    I am confident things will work out for you.

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    Hi I’ve been reading all these posts and I’m literally in shock how all these companies can mess with this formula. I’ve been so naive thinking they all were the same. But the reason I’m here is bc I’ve been on Adderall since the mod/late 90’s. I’m 58 yrs old. My primary doctor retired in June and I thought I’d stop taking it bc I was on it so long but the struggle is real so i finally found a new primary and got my adderall back. I filled the prescription two days ago and I am soooo miserable. The prescription is Dextroamp-Amphetamin 20 mg 2x’s a day… Mfg NORTHSTAR. I figured since I was off it for awhile I’d start off by taking only a half of the 20 ml tablet. I felt like total sh*t all day and night I thought since I had a cup of coffee while waiting for my script to be ready I brought it on myself. Yesterday I took another half and same thing. I was thinking well maybe since I’ve been off it for so long my body has to adjust last night i literally thought I was having a heart attack I even contemplated going to the ER. I have the worst headache behind my head, my chest feels like there a mach truck sitting on it, my face feels like its on fire like a fever and I have no energy or focus. Like what the hell is the sense…I’m so frick’n annoyed right now. I hate calling the new doctor bc I’ve only seen him one time and the first time he gave me a scri[t for Strattera and I called and said I didn’t care for it and would like to get back on the Adderral. Now I have to call and say there’s a problem with. If it was my old doc who I had for 30 yrs I wouldn’t mind. Anyone know what I should do? Do I call the pharmacy? The doctor? or just go another month until I get a new prescription? Thanks for any advice anyone might have.

    • #112414


      I’d say #1 talk to your doctor. She/he is there to help you, and if you don’t feel comfortable with them, i know it’s a pain, but try to find a PCPhysician that you do feel comfortable with. I too just changed doctors, i was on ritalin, he suggested adderall and i tried it and it works just fine for me.

      #2 you can ask the pharmacy, in person, to fill your prescription with certain manufacturers and avoid others… i believe they will put it in your profile. I asked for Sandoz and Teva as a primary option and no Aurobindo, and maybe i should add no Northstar. the Pharmacist assistant told me they stock multiple brands, so chances are if you can’t get the manufacturer you want you might be able to get an acceptable substitute.

      #3. maybe try a different medication? that’s definitely something to talk to your doc about.

      good luck

  • #112457


    I have been on brand name and recently because of insurance had to go to generic. I know we are all different and that goes for medication. I can tell the difference! Impax generic, can tell a difference but worked. Actavis can’t even tell I took anything. My son had been on brand until two months ago, insurance decided they wouldn’t pay for brand even if it was medically necessary. Impax does nothing for him, his grades have went down a lot. Going to see if his doctor will write for brand Mydayis by Shire. This is crazy!

  • #112733


    I have been taking adderall 20mg twice a day for about 6 years. I have never really been an unhealthy person but within the last 2 years I have felt awful, like convinced I was dying awful. I was sick all the time, back to back “ear infections” TMJ, anxiety, I have literally seen every specialists possible and no one can figure out what is going on because the treatment plans do not work. I started having headaches so bad they landed my in the ER… This time a migraine diagnosis, again, treatments don’t phase it. I took a break from my adderall for the first time in a very long time and noticed a huge improvement. I then thought about the fact that every time i had picked my rx up recently that it was a different generic drug, it never crossed my mind that it could be causing my symptoms bc I have been taking it for so long. I seriously got to the point of believing that I may have MS. I have not had a chance to see my Dr to discuss this with her yet but I pray there is no one else out there that has been experiencing what I have been going through

  • #114284


    Hi. I know the additives and delivery mechanism make a difference in the generics, but the industry’s greediness for the generic Adderall market is beyond belief. Advil and Motrin are brand names for ibuprofen, and several manufacturers produce ibuprofen. How many complaints do you see about specific ibuprofen manufacturers? Not as lucrative a market, is it.
    I tracked manufacturers and effects over 2 years, and have found 7 manufacturers in this area.
    I avoid: Prasco, Teva, Northstar, Mylan. They have no effect whatsoever.
    I ask for: Aurobindo, Sandoz, Mallinchrodt.
    Mallinchrodt produces a ‘flash and crash’ reaction, so I split the dosage over the day.
    Perhaps my preferred brands have similar fillers or delivery methods. I don’t know.
    As for pharmacy phone manners, calling the same pharmacy can have opposite results, depending on who answers that call. Rite Aid was good about identifying the manufacturer without asking personal questions. Then on one call to them, the person answering acted as though I was asking for government secrets. Perhaps it’s a lack of training at the pharmacies.

  • #114285


    Hi again. I’m breaking up the post because it’s longer than I anticipated.
    The reason pharmacies ask if you’re a previous customer it that users of controlled substances are supposed to use one pharmacy only. This makes tracking controlled substances easier.
    The joke is, you must get a new scrip every 30 days. Then you have to find a pharmacy that not only has it in stock, but has a brand you can use. I’m not sure when scrips expire, but you can’t get another one for 30 days.
    Pharmacies report the quantity and dosage for prescriptions filled, yet are restricted on the quantities they can order, even if they have records showing legitimate customers will require a larger supply. They don’t choose what brands are sent to them. Corporate levels just choose the cheapest.
    Sometimes, the whole county is out of stock. Last time this happened, it was evidently due to Teva’s Israeli plant being on strike. Teva is greedy, and growing too rapidly to ensure quality, and has unhappy employees. Go ahead. Sue me.
    So, there is no generic Adderall, you have a limited-time scrip, and are out of meds. Any wonder the street value is so high? If we could limit the access to people with ADHD and ADD, and eliminate the students looking for exam boosts, would there be enough? Maybe the government would allow more to be manufactured and then ordered by pharmacies?
    Okay – end of ranting. Wish I could get this scrip filled.

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    A quick google search & THIS is why SANDOZ is considered better by everyone.

    “Shire announced on 2 December 2013 that its subsidiary Shire US had entered into an agreement to supply an authorized generic version of its attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug Adderall XR (amphetamine, dextroamphetamine mixed salts) to Sandoz.”

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    ALSO, some more info

    ~~~~~You’ll have to copy/paste this site—–{}

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